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Relationship Diversity

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A look into the deferent variations of relationships] APRIL 9, 2014 [PROOF. MCCRACKEN] Soc. SSL. 17 ? Human Sexuality Duffer 1 Marina M. Duffer April 9, 2014 Human Sexuality m{oh learn to like someone when you find out what makes them laugh, but you can never truly love someone until you find out what makes them cry. " Finding someone that completes you Is never an easy task. It takes time to find that special person that can make you smile. The one person that understands you completely. During my observations on campus I saw many different types of couples.

Many of which seemed to be pure Infatuations. There are seven different types of relationships. The first is consummate, which is a type that is high on the levels of passion, commitment, and intimacy. The second is an infatuated couple, one that is purely passion. Then there is fatuous which is high on both passion and commitment. The fourth is an empty relationship, which is pure commitment. This means that this certain type of couple does not need a big amount of passion or intimacy. The last three are all high on intimacy but differ very vaguely. There is compassionate which includes ointment.

Romantics which is a mixture of both intimacy and passion. And the last friendship, which Is high purely on intimacy. The one thing that I noticed with most of the couples that were under Infatuated relationships Is that they were young. Well between their early twenties and their mid-twenties. They were somewhat Inseparable. High on passion and life Itself. Nothing, for what it seems can tear these two apart. The newly formed couples. The ones that are still in the honeymoon stage. Duffer 2 The couples that were put into the consummate category were those that have been aired for a while and the long-term couples.

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These are in full commitment to each other and are still in high light though they have their down sides but they stay fully strong. They are full of passion and intimacy as well as committed to one another. The romantics and the compassionate groups are somewhat similar, in which they are high on Intimacy. But, they differ in which romantics are high on passion. The compassionate couples are high on commitment. These couples range from friends who convert into couples or people who arrange an agreement to be with each other. Woo groups may end up in disarray.

What was supposed to begin without emotions ends up being a love affair. The friendship group, which is high on Just intimacy only. This is a special group. They share secrets and intimate details about each other. They are the group that I believe to be the greatest on of them all. No matter what you throw at them they know how to deal with every issue. Even with all these issues they still keep that sense of friendship. That sense of honesty and trust. The empty group, which is only high on commitment levels, is actually not so empty at all.

They share a love that does not require and sense of romance, passion, or intimacy. They with each other to last with each other. They are an open couple who can laugh and smile. But not need anything more. They live off of each other's happiness and not the way their body looks or feels. My observations have showed me a different perspective on relationships and where they can lead. They are such a beautiful thing to cherish and keep. They are obscure and complicated. Two people sharing different qualities and characteristics is Just an amazing and wonderful.

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