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Raffles Hotel Marketing Communications

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Assignment #4 Observation Report A: Describe one on-the-job problem of issue encountered and how it was resolved. I first encountered this problem two weeks into my internship with Raffles Hotel Marketing Communications. After my orientation week, it was finally time for me to take on projects on my own and start communicating with some of the clients and media the department would follow up from time to time. One of the projects that I was tasked was to prepare the Arabic version of Raffles Hotel’s fact sheet for the Saudi Arabia sales trip that the Director of Sales and Marketing will be doing at the end of the week.

This request came in as a last minute project as there were several delays in the process of translation and positioning of the facts and information. In what limited time I had, it does seem that I would not be able to complete to the fact sheet in time due to the constant delays from the Translation Company and external help that took quite some time to get back to me. Time wasn’t on my side and I knew I cannot afford to mess up this project. That was when I decided to adopt one of the many values that Raffles Hotel believes in – taking ownership of guest requests.

Instead of sitting around waiting for things to happen and emails to be replied, I decided that it was time for me to take action and get what needs to be done, done. The issue was eventually resolved after I made personal trips around the hotel, asking for help from colleagues from various departments that have knowledge in the Arabic language. I managed to prepare the Arabic fact sheet of Raffles Hotel in time for the Saudi Arabia sales trip and have shown my managers that I am someone they can trust to get things done on time and to the best of my abilities.

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