Radish as Pesticide

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Enterprising gardeners can also cultivate white radish at home, as it grows very readily and is generally easy to handle. Several cultures believe that white radish is a very effective digestive aid. Small plates of grated radish may be served with fried foods and other heavy dishes to help people digest the meal. White radish may also be offered as a palate cleanser, or used as a garnish. In Japan, people are more inclined to eat white radish raw in things like salads, while the Chinese tend to prefer to cook it in stir fries and other dishes.

White radish pickle is also a popular condiment and a snack in some parts of Asia. Fresh white radishes are crispy and Juicy, with a delicate flavor which can be quite enjoyable. When used in cooked dishes, they can be thrown in at the last minute to retain their crispy nature, or allowed to simmer for a longer period of time, depending on the taste of the cook. Grated white radishes are also used in the preparation of cooked dishes such as delicate fried cakes served around Chinese New Year.

Although white radishes are winter radishes, classically maturing in the fall and winter, they are often available year round. People who live in temperature limited where summer weather does not climb to high temperatures can grow this vegetable. They should prepare the soil by fertilizing it and making sure that it will drain well, and plant out seeds or seedlings in midsummer. White radishes like to stay moist during their growing period, and they will need to be thinned to give the roots some room to grow.

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They can be harvested through the fall. Benefits of White Radish: The benefits of white radish are flatulence, dysentery, constipation, frequent belching, airway inflammation and cough. In addition to address influenza, high load pressure, heart disease, pulmonary tuberculosis and asthma, gas poisoning charcoal, cassava, and food mushrooms, radishes can prevent cancer, kidney stones, hardening of the liver, Lukas burns, ulcers, eczema, skin puree, and reduce excessive appetite. V. Materials and Procedure Radish as Pesticide By Illogicalness VI.

Results and Discussion Trials No. Of Ants Results 3 Ants doesn't die but slows down 4 It took moments later for the ants to die, though, faster than the previous trial that was made 3 (2:1) 5 Ants die quickly and it proves that the pure extract is more effective than those with eater added in it. 4 (2:1) Ant dies quickly in Just a few sprays. 2 The ants slow down and die eventually. We first used the radish pesticide with a proportion of 1:1 to the ants and the outcome we had is that it doesn't die but slows down.

In using the pesticide with a proportion of 1 :2, its effect was faster than the previous one and the ants eventually after a few sprays. In using the pesticide with a proportion of 2:1, it was the most effective one because the ants die quickly. VI'. Conclusion Based on the data gathered, we conclude that making a pesticide using radish extract as a main ingredient is effective. The ants slow down using radish pesticide with a proportion of 1 . The ants die eventually using the pesticide with a proportion of 1:2.

It was more effective than the . The ants die quickly using the 2:1 radish pesticide. This proves that the pure extract is the most effective of all and we can get the satisfaction we want through it. This experiment also proves that we can have an alternative solution in killing pests and we don't need chemical based pesticide in order to terminate certain pests. VIII. Recommendation For the future researcher(s) who would like to continue or pursue our study, we commend to have further improvements on the materials to be used.

You can add lime, lemon, vinegar, salt or peppermint to remove the flatulent smell of the pesticide. You can also use a Juicer or blender instead of mortar and pestle to fully have the extract of the said plant. We also recommend testing it to other pests like aphid and on infested plants like worm affected sugar apple and Gabon plant. 'X. Researchers Santos. Jonathan Gauzier, Brent Aquinas, Rein Adrienne Capistrano, Marianne Gonzales, Ella Mae Tango, Kathleen X. Adviser Ms. Rachel Ann Analog

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