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Radical Reconstruction

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I think that the whole reconstruction era went Just the way it was supposed to. Just to think that something so small of a change could have rewritten history for bad or for good. I think that if Lincoln could have carried out his plan then we would live in a completely different world then what we do today. I we have had enforced the laws as hard as we could have then the south could might as well of risen back up for another war. And what if we lost this time?

We could might as well be living in a country with segregation and or a communist country if Marshall law was declared. Which means that all industries would be owned by the government. Another scenario would be that we had a country divided into two halves like Korea with slaves crossing the borders to be on the north side to be free to pursue a live of there own. With the idea of Radical Reconstruction was to change the ideas and culture of he south to adapt to the north ideas and ways of living.

A main reason we were not as successful at the reconstruction was because of the constant disagreeing of the branches in our government at the time, which even in the present day and time this still happens way to much. For example when we could agree on a budget In 2013 and the government had to be shut down for almost 2 weeks before anything happened which was really Just a ploy to get rid of beamer.

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Radical Reconstruction essay

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