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Queen Elizabeth Ra Speech

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Queen Elizabeth Rhetorical Analysis Essay Queen Elizabeth’s purpose with her speech is to help boost morale and show her support for the troops. She achieves this by speaking with such tenacity and by appealing to her soldier’s sense of nationalism. Elizabeth says she’s willing to lay down her life for the country she loves, as the men in front of her are about to do. Through this statement she is able to establish a connection with the troops, an example of Pathos, as she appeals to their love for England.

The reason for this is to show the troops that she respects each one of them for the price they may have to pay for such a noble sacrifice. At the end of the speech she calls her enemies the enemies of God, England, and her people, and uses the word my in front of all three examples. The use of “my” shows that she takes ownership of these things and, as all good owners should do, shows that she plans to protect these things. Another way Elizabeth connects to her troops is by offering them monetary rewards for their actions.

She also says that they are guaranteed by the word of prince, because in this time period, men were superior to women. Although she is Queen and it matters little that she’s a woman, the use of “prince” is highly significant because she basically refers to herself as equal to a man. This makes her men see her equal and respect her even more. Queen Elizabeth uses these ways to connect to her troops in order for them to be able to fight well in the upcoming battle.

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