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Quality Culture

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There are many differences between a quality culture and a traditional culture. While we are preparing policies and applying quality culture, we need to appreciate these differences and plan accordingly. There will be an evaluation between the differences of quality culture and a traditional culture. Quality culture is basically incorporation of quality in the overall system of an organization which leads to a positive internal environment and creation of delighted customers.

Traditional culture consists of the beliefs and practices held or observed by specific human groups that have been passed down from their ancestors through their grand-parents, parents and the society around them. Within religion, it is holding or observing certain festivals. Within a community it is behaving or acting in a way that has been regularly done in the past specifically in that particular part of the world. In business, we have the practices that we presently use and the practices that we have had from past vision statements. The business of focus in this paper is Walmart.

There are certain factors that will allow the company to be evaluated under the quality and traditional cultures. Sam Walton started Walmart in 1962 in Rogers, Arkansas. He started his operating philosophy slogan to be “People First. ” Sam Walton believed in the catering to the customer. The slogans that come along afterwards are "Save Money. Live Better," replacing "Always low prices. " The world's largest retailer said its first new ad tagline in 19 years comes as the company is incorporating more of an emotional tone into its advertising (usatoday 2007).

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Quality Culture

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