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Psychological Scientific Arguments

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What are the five steps of the scientific method? *problem: Stated as a question*Hypothesis: a scientific or educational guess. *Materials: list all the materials that are used in the experiment. *Procedures: list step by step directions needed to be followed for this experiment. *Results/Conclusion: re- state your problem/question then answer your hypothesis. Gather together all your information. 2.

What basic question Is at the heart of the nature-nurture controversy? The question Is whether who you are and what you become Is a result of biology and genetics, or nature or the environment In which we are raised or nurture. 3. Give an example of discontinuity and continuity as it relates to your development. For example of continuity: a child learns to crawl, and then to stand and then to walk. For example of discontinuity: children go from only being able to think in very literal terms to being able to think abstractly 4.

What does It mean to say that development Is multicultural? TLS means that development occurs In many contexts, Including physical surroundings and family arrangements. It is important to consider the systems that surround each person just as a naturalist examines the ecology or interrelationship of each organism and its environment. Erie Frontbencher proposed this idea. 5. How does the study of development relate to your future profession?

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This study relates to my future profession because I would need to be able to know the different hypes of people who I will be dealing with and also being able to understand that know one person is from the same place/background. 6. From your perspective, what are the potential consequence of the concept, M)LO"? Provide a specific example. I think when people think of YOLK then they tend to do knowing that the consequences can go either bad or not bad . Doing crime can lead a person in Jail or getting away and doing drugs can lead to many bad outcomes or not getting harmed .

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