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Prejudice in the Movie

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This poignant and gripping film illustrates the reality of racial discrimination and bigotry among the contemporary society.  The diverse characters of people from different racial groups like Caucasians, African-Americans, Asians, Hipics or Latinos are shown in this movie in the city of Los Angeles.

It vividly displays so much prejudice, anger and fear of getting discriminated due to several reasons with the comeuppance of certain intense situations to the point where the one who is being inflicted retaliates back which sometimes could result to violence.

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Prejudice can be in the form of racism or sexism, manifested verbally, unconsciously or deliberately.  These people say what comes to their minds without the filters of propriety and compassion to others.  This class aided me to understand that people typecast or stereotype a person or group due to some irrational preconceived dislike.

Based psychologically and socially, we may have experienced a traumatic or upsetting situation which made us form a bias against an individual. Economic background is also a basis of prejudice, disliking one belonging to the rich or the poor. Furthermore, raised in different cultures, it is inevitable that one dislikes another person’s behavior since it is different from what one is used to or has been raised in.

Crash has expressively and effectively communicated to the viewers how people manifest prejudice to each other.  It displayed how one character can become the offender at one time and a victim in another discrimination situation.

  This just shows how each one of us has a prejudice over someone or something.  Movies like Crash, try to impart the harsh realities to provide us the awareness and awaken us to elicit improvement in whatever we fall short of in a personal level as well as in the community.  It forces us to face what is happening so that someday we may have a world free of prejudice.


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