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Poultry Management System

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A management system is the framework of processes and procedures used to ensure that an organization can fulfill all tasks required to achieve its objectives. Businesses today are developing and upgrading their system into more high level system to lessen the time and effort of performing their complex jobs. Comparing to their old system like their MS Excel System in inventory, sales, monitoring and production they are now implementing a system that manages all their complex transactions.

In the global arena, Willmar Poultry Company (WPC), one of the largest turkey poultry producers in United States operates in the production of turkeys and other livestock. Moreover, they prefer to have a solution which both strong in manufacturing and financing area. Further, they want to streamline data entry and reporting, increase in flexibility and functionality, and improve data access and decision making capabilities. So, in managing all their diverse transaction, WPC implemented the system, Microsoft Business Solutions-Axapta. (Willmar Poultry Company, 2000)

In the national scene, Maya farms, a large integrated farm located some 40 km from the city of Manila. It maintains some 60,000 pigs, 12,000 egg-type chickens and a few hundred heads of cattle. Soon after the embargo in 1973, Maya farms started experimenting on the industrial uses of biogas generated from the manure produced by their livestock. It developed systems that enabled the farm to use methane gas from the manure as substitute for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and as source of energy to run internal combustion engines that power its deep-well water pumps, feed mixers and generators and some other electric equipment in the farm.

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After they succeeded the implementation of the biogas, they developed a system that focuses on their transactions especially on their purchasing, selling and giving inventory in mid 90’s. After several years of developing new system that would manage their fast growing farm, they successfully implemented their new system “Livestock Inventory System” which caters to their diverse transactions like purchasing and selling of chickens and other livestock. (Integrated Livestock – Fish Production System, 2000)

Locally, a company that maintains egg-type chickens in their farm is (LBF) Lacia Breeder Farm located at Taglono, Toril, Davao City. The farm seeks innovative ways to improve the health of their breeding stock. Moreover, the farm needs faster decision making, secured records, and powerful reporting every time they see and need the data. Since, they are using MS Excel System in recording and processing their transaction they encountered problems that would prolong their decision making in improving the farm.

Moving forward, Lacia Breeder Farm’s passion for innovation continues as they seek out and discover new technology that will provide them with distinct competitive advantages necessary in providing the highest quality poultry at the greatest value to the customers and consumers. Hence, they recognize that the future is only a day away and are always considering new ideas and technology as they continue their relentless commitment to innovation. In response to their innovation, the researchers have proposed a system called Poultry Management System that would help the farm in managing their diverse transactions.

Statement of the Problem The Lacia Breeder Farm (LBF) is using MS Excel for their transactions in the farm. While, using the old system, LB Farm encounter problems which cause them delay in transacting businesses of the farm. Moreover, in using the their existing system for a long period of time there is a need of a reliable, secure and fast management system to handle their diverse transactions and to strengthen their operations. Based on our interviews of the farm manager, the problems found upon using their existing system have been identified.

There is a delay in generating reports. Upon using the MS Excel application, it would take several days in producing reports because the management still has to gather all the data. They have to encode all the gathered data and looked to their columnar to check if the reports and data are the same as recorded in their columnar book. They also have to encode each data again and again in every transaction that they have done and categorized each data into particular reports.

Duplication of data is essential for back-up purposes but in this case, LBF produced a redundant report that would delay them in their decision making. Thus, in determining the history of their transactions and reports of their inventory still they have to scroll over their old system and find the necessary data of that particular report. Moreover, this could cause the disorganization of reports that would hinder their operation. It would also delay them to generate reports, since the data will not be automatically updated in their MS Excel System. Stocks are not monitored properly.

Since they are using the Microsoft Excel for the monitoring of their feeds and medicines, the farm management encountered a problem in determining if there is still available stock in their stockroom because in Microsoft Excel, although it calculates the remaining stocks, the management still needs constant monitoring to their MS Excel just to determine if there are stocks available. Moreover, if this happened they will check the stockroom how many feeds and medicines available. They have to calculate again from their columnar and notebooks the consumed feeds and medicines to determined the availability of the stocks.

There is miscalculation of data that leads to inaccurate result. While using the MS Excel System, the management is hesitant to use the formula for their MS Excel because sometimes it will be modified by the user. There are also instances that they are confused on the accuracy of the result of their MS Excel System because the user or the manager inputs a wrong formula that makes the calculation inaccurate and it can only be identified once double-checked. This would also create confusion in determining the stock’s availability and accuracy of the files and records in inventory of their products.

The records and files are misplaced. The daily, weekly, monthly and yearly reports are misplaced for once it had been recorded in their MS Excel and printed, the hard copy will be compiled in a folder without label and placed on top of the table because they don’t have proper cabinet for storage. Some records are thrown in the garbage if it is assorted to the old files and it is hard to find the files for it was thrown away. Some records are also misplaced by the manager for he will bring them in their main office in Panabo; sometimes he left them on his car or misplaced somewhere else.

This is why files and records are hard to find during retrieval. Furthermore, they will consume too much time in retrieving the misplaced files because they have to scan all their unlabeled folders, to their assorted files and in case of lost of file/s. They have to scroll over to their MS Excel System just to find the needed data because some data and files are in the farm and others are in the main office at Panabo which took so long because of the distance between the farm and the office. And also, they have to check on their columnar book back again to get the files that were lost.

Files are unsecured. The files that are supposed to be viewed and accessed only by the manager are viewed and accessed by unauthorized personnel due to lack of security privacy of their MS Excel system. Based on what we have seen in their MS Excel System, they don’t have a security like asking password every time they accessed the files. When the manager is not in the office, the caretaker or employee could view and access the confidential files and could even change and erase the data recorded.

They could easily hacked on other files which is not supposed to be accessed by unauthorized personnel since it is easy to accessed the system because of the lacking of security. Even, they could ruin the entire program or changing the program set up. And, change the formula which leads to a wrong output. There are also chances of data lost once it was accessed by the caretaker or other employee. The manager has to evaluate again the encoded data to double check and to ensure the files that have not been purge and change. Assumption of the Study

This study aims to develop the management system of Lacia Breeder Farm to provide fast and accurate farm transaction. Based on the identified problem, this study assumes to: Generate accurate and particular reports in every transaction. Through using this management system, it would give them a report on a particular transaction. This would help them to analyze and decide what the next move to further improve their farm. Moreover, this would lessen the encoding process of the data because it can generate automatically the reports after the data are encoded.

It will not block any operations of the farm because it can generate reports easily. Thus, this system automatically updated reports that needed on particular operations. Provide convenient way of monitoring the stocks. Through using this management system, it would give the management an update monitoring of the stocks availability. This would lessen the work in encoding, retrieving and processing manually all the data encoded and needed. Provide a system that can give accurate calculation of data. This gives proper calculation of data and gives accurate result since the formula is embedded and cannot be accessed by someone else.

Hence, it would determine, give accurate result and proper calculation of the stock remained in the stockroom. Provide proper storage for all records and files. This management system provide proper storage for it has a big storage system which the database of the system. It would help the management in easily searching the files that are lost. It provides an update detail of the files and records to be retrieve. Further, it fastens the time consumed in retrieving data. And, they will not anymore scan all the files, records and columnar book just to find the needed lost data.

Provide a system that has security like asking password. It would not allow any user to access the system to secure all the file/s and record/s inside. It will give the management a better and safe data for further uses. Hence, only those registered users can access, view and add data. These would be a great help for the farm for they do not have anymore double check the records and files for it is secure. Thus, categorized personnel have their own category in accessing the data for example; the manager can access all the detailed, confidential and important data while other users have a limitation.

Review of Related Literature To provide a background and framework of the investigation, selected literature related to the study are presented in this section. These include theories, systems, principles, concepts and views, which have a direct bearing to the variables of the study. Poultry is any domestic fowls, such as chickens, turkeys, ducks, or geese, raised for food, meat or eggs (Grolier New Webster’s Dictionary) is the main product of the poultry farm before developing any computerized information system to manage the transactions accurately and reliably.

Based on the research, the following are the factors should be considered in managing the farm which is important in developing a system for poultry farm and to understand the processes involved (Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System, 2005). Hatching. The development of a mechanical setter and Hatcher has permitted the large scale production of chicks with little labor. While many of the eggs produced on the farms are unfertilized, only those eggs which are fertilized will hatch.

Fertilized eggs can be purchased from breeding operations, or by the successful mating of a rooster and a hen by natural methods or by using artificial insemination. Turkey production relies on the use of artificial insemination to produce fertile eggs. The continuous genetic selection for turkeys with large breast muscling has resulting in many breeds which are no longer capable of copulating because of their large and awkward size.

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