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Poem Play Story

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House of Cards is a series that was produced by Beau Williamson and takes place in a present- day Washington D. C. Setting. The main character Frank underworld, Is a Democrat congressman from South Carolina's district, who creates a devious plan In order to get himself into a position of power. With the assistance of his wife, he is able to under mind and scheme against the President of the united States, by befriending him and other people of power through blackmail, scheming, and even murder. Frank Underworld used his power to influence electoral votes.

He made deals and passed laws 2 not for economical growth but for his own personal endeavors. Frank wasn't always this way, he was very loyal to the president at one time. The president chose another congressman to become Vice President, knowing that Frank waited many years for the position. After the president assigned another person is when Frank became enraged, taking matters into his own hands. "A great man once said, everything is about sex. Except sex. Sex is about power" Is one of his favorite quotes.

I chose this lay not because I am Intrigued by politics, but because of all the deferent turns the plot has taken during the show. Life a Journey Is a poem that Is written by Noreen Carded. A few lines from her poem goes as follows " Now I'm in my sunset years. I've learned my lessons have no fear. I made mistakes along the way. Each time my conscience made me pay. Advice to youth if they allow. Life is precious live well now. " In this poem the Author discusses that in life we all make mistakes that we have to live with and that we should learn from them and move on.

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Poem Play Story

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She also writes on how we should Just enjoy life. Chose this poem because a lot of my teen and early twenty years I spent not really enjoying life the way a teenager topically would. I am currently in process of changing that and just living one day at a time. The poem describes her as being young and making mistakes, and allowing it to bother her conscience Once growing older realizing there is much more to be enjoyed in life and telling younger people not to make the same mistakes she has. The short story I chose was of David from the Bible.

Some of us may know the story of David, who was the small Sheppard that grew up and became king. When David was 3 just a boy, he had brothers that went off to war. The Philistines were hounding them, and blaspheming God. David ventured out to give his brothers food and noticed had faith in God. Knowing that God will protect him against a large man/giant like Goliath, he took five stones into his hand. One stone for Goliath and each of his four brothers. The Philistines all laughed at him, being such a small boy, challenging a giant.

They all stood in disbelief after witnessing David taking Goliath Down with a single stone. I chose this story because it displays the true meaning of self confidence. The story of David is in the Bible 1 Samuel 17. Each of these pieces have impacted me in some way whether it be life, my way of thinking or self confidence. House of Cards series has given me insight on what I would like to call the down side of politics. Even though this "show" is Just that, it really makes me wonder if politicians are really that corrupt, and whether their decision making really s for the greater good.

Like Frank Underworld road to power is paved with hypocrisy, and casualties. " The poem that I chose gave me insight on how to enjoy the simplicity of life and how not to dwell on the mistakes I have made along the way, but rather to learn from them and keep living. Noreen Carded has wonderful themes and her poems are pleasant. Last but not least the story of David helps me to really understand the importance on believing in yourself, even more when you are doubted by others. I don't think of David as an underdog, but more so a confident being with skills.

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