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Philippines Population Analysis

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The most prevalent trends in the data sets, whether those found within the World Bank database, the Philippine National Statistics Office, or from the independent NGOs, would be the exponential growth of the current population. The total population of the Philippines as of May 1, 2000, was 76,504,077 persons. This was higher by 7,887,541 persons or about 10. 31 percent from the 1995 census (with September 1, 1995, as reference date). It was 10 times the Philippine population in 1903 when the first census was undertaken.

World Bank data for the population last 2000 was 75. 8 million which grew to 83.1 million in five years –an increase of 7. 3 million persons. Statistical evidence shows that this is an alarming increase if one were to relate it to ideal population growths and the ability of the Philippines as a developing country to support its population. Further statistical evidence on how precarious the overpopulation of the Philippines is becoming can be found in the Philippine Population Pyramid. Since the early 1990’s the Philippines has statistically shown an expansive pyramid and the trend will predictably continue all the way to the next few decades unless measures are taken.

Though this kind of statistical data is common with developing and least developed countries, it still highlights the possible economic implications which may result from having an expansive population. It can even be argued that excess in especially the young adult male population predictably leads to social unrest, war, and terrorism as the "third and fourth sons" that find no prestigious positions in their existing societies rationalize their impetus to compete by religion or political ideology [1].

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To sum it up, it would be wise for a developing country such as the Philippines to address their issues on overpopulation and their population’s explosive growth. Already the country faces much in terms of domestic terrorism and civil unrest –issues which may only get worse if the problem is left without the solution. The statistics speak for themselves, a prolonged trend of this nature would severely hamper the economic growth of the country as they strive to provide limited resources for a seemingly unlimited population.

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