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Personal Growth and Identity

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It is very important to know who I am because it can let us know about our identity. People can‘t do things without motivation. Animals can‘t live without food. What let us grow? When do we start to growth? In my opinion, my identity let me grow, and it let me know what I want. My sister is the most important person affects my identity. She let me know what independence is, how to handle things and how to face of failure In my family, I have sister who is five years older than I, and our lifestyles were quite different because we were not at the same ages. My parents always want my sister does more things than me. For example, when someone came to visit our house, I just want to say hello, then I am free, but my sister needs to give them tea and talks to them, so that is a reason why I think we have an expectation between us, I think that is really unfairi.

On the other hand, parents continuously want my sister to look after me. She needs to cook, wash dishes, teach me about my homework, everything I want she has the responsibility to help me, so that why I think she is independent. I still remember my sister first came to the United States for her education by herself. I think that she was really strong because she had some problems about immigration The officers asked her a lot of questions for the reason that she had a special status. At the same time my parents were staying with me, By contrast, when I first came to Lakewood, my sister asked for leave and flew here to look after me.

She needed to help me about my schooling and life, such as how to take a bus, how to work at college and how to create a bank account. I really appreciate that, and I think her individual capacity is really strong. She let me know as a man I should learn how to handle things. In my opinion, to face of failure is very hard for me because I always think I didn‘t have enough power to change myself. I always give up when I have problem, so that why my sister sent me to a boarding school to learn how to take care myselfi At first, I thought it was very hard to take care of myself because I relied on my family. I didn‘t meet any friends because I didn‘t know how to speak their languages.

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I cried and felt alone, so I made lots of problem at schooli I fought with classmates, argued with teachers, and slept in class. For this reason, my head teacher decided to send me home, so she called my sister, My sister told me it‘s easy to made a mistake, but it‘s hard to face of failure. If I want to be a man, I have to learn how to conquer problems, For this reason, I try to change myself. I talk to my classmates, play with them, and pay attention in class. I really grateful my sister let me know how to face of failure. To sum up, it is important to know what we want, and what we think. I think my sister is very important in my life because she teaches me lots of things and wants me to know what I want. Although I still have lots of problem, I think I will better than before. I believe one day I will have enough power to look after my family, and let them have a wonderful life

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