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Performance management and Result based management in aviation hare two different aspects in aviation. These two concepts are important for the overall success in the day to day running of the activities in aviation operations. The comparison paper therefore attempts to illustrate the differences and similarities between result based management and now effective performance can be achieved. In the review, the major goal is to highlight various drawbacks to effective performance in aviation operations and handle so as to ensure safety within the operation lines.

As a necessity this paper focuses on the relationship between improving the development and implementing various effective measures which can initiate improved performance. Comprehensive strategies are then drawn to provide better recommendations which include management of fatigue through the use of Alertness Management Program (AMP), Corporate Performance management (CPM) and information obtained from Aviation, Space and Environmental management in medicine (Mark, R. , Kevin, G. B.

and Melissa, M. M, 2006). INTRODUCTION Performance management is the art of building on the processes that had earlier been set by using appropriate communication and measures that could help in achieving the goals. It can also be referred to as performance assessment in organizations where results are the basis of operation. Result based performance thus deals with the understanding of assessing the progress of the company so as to determine whether the predetermined goals are being achieved.

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The review focuses on performance management based on the planning of work, setting goals, monitoring how the work is progressing, motivating the staff to enhance there performance ability and measuring of performance to gauge the practicability of the operations system. To enhance the motivation process and facilitate result based performance top achievers should be rewarded. In aviation organization performance provides the linkage between work and actual results that are desired and therefore any deviation would initiate a need to have a correcting measure.

This measure is referred to as performance improvement zone which plans, provide coaching and delivers feedback. Enhancing performance through management of sleep in aviation industry Individual alertness is an important aspect in aviation operations and can be hindered by fatigue causing sleep. Fatigue therefore poses a risk in the safety of the crewmembers. This has led to the growth of the need to improve in the areas where fatigue has been experienced. For effective management in the level of performance in aviation setting, there should be various activities which can help in improving alertness.

Such comprehensive management skills should include educating the workers on strategies for controlling fatigue, scheduling and enhancing healthy sleep for the staff and the managers within the aviation setting (Mark, R. , Kevin, G. B. and Melissa, M. M. 2006). Result shows that when a comprehensive alertness management program (AMP) is incorporated in the physiological fatigue management principle, provides an improved result. Similarly in a result based management strategy orientation is significant. This knowledge acquired helps the crewmembers to perform effectively during their operation.

Result based performance advocates for an objective quantity of sleep which when used is significant in improves healthy practices within the commercial airlines. Result based aviation management showed that any flight taken under normal standard condition did not give a good performance index. This was opposed to when there was application of various AMP measures. Psychomotor vigilance task (PVT) is another strategy that has been used to provide ground for evaluation based on control of fatigue (Mark, R. , Kevin, G. B. and Melissa, M. M. 2006).

This mechanism advocates the need to allow the flight attendants to have an objective sleep so as to support the daily activities. Result based however encourages the attendants to be active doing there duties and does not focus on the causes of fatigue. USE OF CORPORATE PERFORMANCE IN MANAGEMENT IMPLEMENTATION Any business enterprises should involve all the members. Due to this a corporation is seen to improve the legibility of the business. Such performance focuses on the flow of information concerning delivery, performance outlook and the effectiveness of such an enterprise in the commercial airlines.

Basic elements of corporate performance management provides understanding, managing and was of improving trade. This can be done through coordination of managers, employees, customers and the company supplies. Through strategic planning and provision of information their aim is to ensure that there is an intergraded environment for working Corporate performance management in aviation is therefore concerned with ensuring that relevant information is provided to the policy makers which in turn boost the performance levels (Wade, D. and Ronald, R. 2001).

All the aviation air links should have a provision of performance oversight to the managers who in turn oversees the optimization of the enterprise. Result based aviation management focuses on the basic conducts that relates to safety in the airlines. To achieve, there has to be focus on various integrated management systems which are considered important in the management of various aviation programs. The management system is considered qualified to conduct various civil aviation programs which promote better results. Similarly result based aviation performance management has initiated performance measurement frameworks (Scott, R. J.

2001). This gives guide lines to the corporate that are responsible for decision making. This helps in acquisition of a proper ways of selection and developing the evaluation on the proceeding performance within the airlines. Performance management in aviation unifies the management process with an aim of making the work place attractive. Such collaborative and interactive environment which fosters the financial gain, improve performance and motivates the whole workforce (Wade, D. and Ronald, R. 2001). For the performance to be improved, the use of internet collaborations to advertise the capabilities have has employed in aviation sector.

This has since then provided improvement in the flow of information. Result based aviation management on the other hand has advocated a criteria that is used to measure the performance based on the outputs, result, indicators and who much it cost. This framework generalizes all the aspects involved so as to obtain a feedback that has a profit and satisfaction. For results to be obtained in aviation management there has to be a framework dealing with integrated risk management. This framework ensures that there is a continuous communication on the risks involved in the aviation setting.

Proactive and systematic process should help to provide understanding so that the risks are managed properly. Similarly performance management provides the functionality that can help in achieving the complete solution to problems. The operators of the aviation business have also acquired necessary skills in running and maintaining the general operations of the company. MANAGEMENT OF AVIATION BASED ON DOCUMENTATION Result based management team have come up with a system of documentation that monitors the scope and the services provided by every airline.

This document provides the performance procedures and the expected interaction between the various activities going on within the aviation operation. The aviation management has also adopted various strategies including Alertness management program (AMP) and psychomotor vigilance task (PVT). This program dictates the level and the condition of operations so as to avoid occurrence of accidents in the real world of operation. Procedures in the control measure have also been initiated by the result based aviation management.

Most of aviation documents have to be approved, reviewed so as to ensure that proper and relevant records are used in the overall management. In other words, the document prevents the inversion of any obsolete materials whose use has not been approved. The procedure of these control measures have also gained relevance in performance management where the crewmembers have a specific monitoring control on how they interact and their close rational level. This assured criterion of management performance has led to a development of performance contract within the airlines.

The third procedure that has improved result under documentation is the procedure governing the aviation records. Good results can be obtained if the records are identified and stored in a manner that can allow easy retention, retrieval and disposition of the recorded information. Similarly such should be protected from any form of corruption (Scott, R. J. 2001). This ensures that there is smooth running in the operations of the airline. When the performance on the aviation is good, then the implication is due to readily accessible records. Valuation of the market value and specialized aviation business

Result based aviation management, requires a consultant group that looks into and reviews the financial state of any air link company. In the process the estimated market value should use the current gains to focus into the future. This helps in knowing the prospective performance of the air link. Through this, evaluations of various elements that provide economic avenues are gauged. A full understanding of the management of the aviation property is gained and employment opportunities are easily created. This helps the company to generate earnings.

In comparison orientation, performance management has established various industries which are concerned with sales and programs that offer multiple earnings. It quantifies and focuses on the tangible variables. These variables have been seen to promote direct value outcome giving a drive to the directly adjusted market prices. Aviation performance management capitalizes in addressing the nature of operations, general administration, major distributions and the services provided to customers. It further addresses the core issues under the same context providing an orientation for addressing flight operations.

For instance, the effective customer services address their contact transformation and the insight achieved with the same. The result based obtained their criterion on the same basis by setting a plan on how every issue is to be handled by the managers and the staff. First it has to employ a strategic business plan. The philosophical mission, vision and the values of the company or the organization are the established. Through these collective plans with targets to be met provide the guidance for the future operations within the aviation industry.

DRAWING THE BUSINESS OVERVIEW WITHIN THE AVIATION INDUSTRY This process is used by result based aviation management to provide historical understanding of aviation and how its present management proceeds (Scott, R. J. 2001). The position of those who own the company and how it is structurally organized gives the function, its facilities as well as the managing personnel, in the process the aviation performance management has to lay down the importance of assigning responsibility to individuals. A plan has to be drawn the aviation business to be managed effectively.

Result based aviation management recommends the training of employees and the importance of having a balanced staff (Scott, R. J. 2001). The management information skills can only be obtained when the staff is properly trained to adhere to the major developments and compensations. In the process of obtaining aviation performance, a good market plan has to be drawn to help in increasing competition among various aviation companies. At the same time there has to be a financial plan to control between the cost and the expenses incurred. POLICY ON LEASE AND CHARGES ON PROPERTY

Performance in aviation should not sideline the importance of implementing proper parameters to control the leasing process at the airlines. Lease, rates and charges policy give the process for establishing, controlling and adjusting rates that are charged on the value of the assets. Under result based aviation management the lease document provides the ground that is used as a guideline for setting rules and regulations and the expected standards of performance within the aviation industry. CONCLUSION Performance management in aviation should employ relevant communication and procedures in assessing the progress of the objectives.

Result based aviation management on the other hand should check on the actual outcomes in comparison to desired hypothetical results where any discrepancy could lead to performance improvement zone. A good result based aviation management should therefore include plan, feedback, adjustments and appraisal. A well managed aviation industry gives effective delivery of the incentive plans. This shows that there is a clear correlation between performance management and result based performance management. As a result, aviation industry should encourage the use of the two categories of managements. References Cokins, G. (2004).

Performance Management in Aviation: Finding the Missing Pieces. London: John Wiley & Sons Dresner, H. (2007). The Performance Management Revolution: Business Results through Insight and Action. London: John Wiley & Sons. Mark, R. , Kevin, G. B. and Melissa, M. M. (2006). Alertness management in aviation operations: Enhancing performance and sleep. Canada, USA: Aerospace Medical Association. Scott, R. J. (2001). Results-Based Management and Accountability Frameworks. Canada, USA: Annex A-Lexicon Publishing Press. Wade, D. and Ronald, R. (2001). Corporate Performance Management. New York, USA: Butterworth-Heinemann.

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