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Organizational Culture of Starbucks

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Appendages Research Paper Project title

Management 1 & 2 Program

All presentations will occur on the last adz of class. Content: A word document including between 3,000 and 4,000 words non including a literature review of at least 4 sources with at least half not from internet. All materials must come from academic sources. Project Overview: To enable students demonstrate their understanding of Managing Culture and how do they adapt it within an international atmosphere.

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Overall Aim:

1 . To enable students demonstrate their understanding of MGM and to learn from contemporary issues that will help them become more effective managers.

2. To enable students demonstrate their understanding of methodology in writing and to learn from the specific issues of writing a paper. Learning Outcomes: Demonstrate a basic understanding of using research methods within organizations. Understand how research approach are going to be effective on business issues. Begin forming research methodology skills specially those that can be applied in the business environment.

Each presentation will have a total of 7 minutes for each project and an additional 3 minutes will be allotted for questions and discussion. The written material used for your presentation should be handed to the lecturer one week before your scheduled presentation for screening. This presentation will count for 10% of your final subject average. Remission of documents During the last day, depending of your class, the following material shall be handed in: List of references including at least 1 Journals and 2 internet sources which will be used for the project.

A literature review of the information sources used for this project. All tardiness will be counted in the same manner as explained at the end of the section for the main project. The following material should be handed to the lecturer on the date of presentation. These should include: 1 electronic file with all your resources used for the creation of your project ( articles, book references, interviews, field search, etc. ) Your power point presentation The word document.

I Purpose or controlling idea is established initially, but inconsistently attended to. Paper shows some unity of purpose, though some material may not be well aligned. I Establishes strong sense of purpose, either explicitly or implicitly. Controlling purpose governs development and organization of the text. Attends to purpose as paper unfolds. | 2. Engagement with the text I Does not connect well to the source textures not show evidence of having understood the reading(s) that should inform the paper.

Repeats or summarizes source text without analyzing or critiquing. I Shows evidence that materials were read and that those texts have shaped the student's writing. Shows basic understanding and ability to engage the substance of the text(s). Goes beyond repetition or summary of source text(s). I Shows clearly that the student read and understood the source text(s) that inform the paper. Summarizes key points or issues in the source text and then critically analyzes or synthesizes those ideas with the student's own ideas.

Extends the ideas of the source text in interesting ways.

3. Use of source material I It is often not clear whether information comes from the text vs.. The student. Len-text citations and end-of-text references are not formatted according to an appropriate style sheet. I Source materials are cited, though not always consistently. Let is generally clear when information comes from source text(s). Most in-text citations have appropriately formatted end-of-text references. I Source materials are introduced, conceptualized, and made relevant to the purpose of the paper. T is always clear when information, opinions, or facts come from a source as opposed to coming from the student. Source materials are conventionally documented according to academic style (PAP, Category I Low Scores 1 or 2 | Average Score 31 High Scores 4 or 5.

4. Organization I end. Paragraphs unpredictably structured. I Some evidence of organization, with appropriate moves in the introduction and conclusion and some partitioning in the body. Most paragraphs have topic sentences with supporting details.

I Establishes clear pattern of development, so the paper feels organized and orderly from beginning to end. Uses effective generalization/ support patterning. Strong paragraphing. | 5. Support I Moves from idea to idea without substantial development; lacks depth. Lacks support for arguments or claims. I Achieves some depth and specificity of discussion. Provides specific detail in some places. I Develops specific ideas in depth with strong and appropriate supporting examples, data, experiences.

6. Style I Lacks control over sentence structure; difficult to follow.

Little control over sentence patterns of subordination and coordination. Requires the reader to backtrack to make sense. Uses wrong words and awkward phrasing. I Style is competent, though not engaging or inventive. Shows reasonable command over phrasing and word choice. Some useful connections from sentence to sentence. I Student clearly controls the pace, rhythm, and variety of sentences. Sentence style is smooth and efficient, with good use of subordination and coordination. Words are well chosen and phrasing is apt and precise.

Sentences move smoothly from one to the next, with clear moves that open, develop, and close topics.

7. Command of sentence-level conventions Many errors of punctuation, spelling, capitalization (mechanics). Many grammatical errors (agreement, tense, case, number, pronoun use). I Some typical errors are in evidence, but overall, the writing is correct. I Few, if any, errors of punctuation, spelling, capitalization (mechanics). Few if any grammatical errors (agreement, tense, case, number, pronoun use).

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