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Opportunities to work from home

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Uncovering legitimate work from home opportunities in Canada We here at the Employment and Education Centre recognize that there are many capable and talented people who for a variety of reasons are looking for legitimate opportunities to earn a living from home. To support our clients who have a need and interest in creating a work from home situation we decided to do some research. Are there legitimate opportunities to find employment from home? How do you separate the real opportunities from the scams? What kind of work is available? These are Just a few of the questions we wanted to find answers to.

We have worked elegantly to research, dig, and verify the information presented here. We Goggled a variety of terms, read articles, followed links, checked information on the WHO'S database, and then reached out to the companies presented below. Here are some symbols to guide you: Connected with the company via email, chat or telephone Link from a good source and requires further research Be advised that this information comes from research on our part but we do not verify or warrant any of these sites. We are sharing this information with you and it is now your responsibility to pick up and continue to do the research.

Our Professional Employment Counselors are here to support you in developing the skills and abilities to find work that suits and supports your life goals. We look forward to working with you, so please call, stop in or email us. Sincerely, The Employment and Education Centre Team 0 2012 The Employment and Education Centre 2 TELEPHONE BASED WORK Agents / Sales Lexicon Communications From their website: Lexicon Communications is looking for customer service representatives to be Independent telephone contractors, working from home.

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We are excited to further expand this opportunity across Canada. We offer phone opportunities (as little as 20 hrs per week up to 60 hours per week) for contractors to service the largest Communication Company in Canada. Wage: $1 1. 35/hour & $12. 35 depending on your selection of shifts Payments are made to you on the 13th and the 28th of each month by direct deposit Requirements: Ability to work from home as a remote agent Availability to work a minimum of 20 hours per week between the hours of am-am with 4 of these hours on the weekend- $1 1. 5 per hour. We also have an evening option that does not require weekend work- $12. 35 per hour Complete a Voice audition Background Check (we will provide the location to complete) Windows based Computer with XP Service Pack 3 or Windows 7 High-Speed Internet service Dedicated Phone Line Approved headset http://www. Licentiousness's. Com/3201/index. HTML Transom - Home Agent Option From their website: Transom is a global employer in an industry that depends upon strong, resourceful, talented people.

In return for commitment, hard work and talent we offer competitive salaries and benefits, high quality training and opportunities to forge a career in a progressive, client focused business. Http://careers. Transom. Com/ To go Job Search, Go to Location & select Home Agent Canada to apply 3 Contract World From their website: The World Of Work-At-Home Jobs Begins Here Contractor. Jobs is the website at the center of the expanding world of contract work for home-based customer service agents. There's nothing quite like it.

The site was first launched 5 years ago in Canada and now has over 50,000 members from all across thriving new I-J based agent community at Contractor. Co. UK. Home-based agents are finding helipad, interesting work from the growing list of call enters who recruit on-line at Contractor. Jobs. Depending on who you decide to contract with you will need to invest anywhere from $30 to $300 to be trained. If you pass the training you are guaranteed work. Anne-Marie Some of North America's largest companies are recruiting right now and there's certainly a lot more companies and contracts to come. Http://'. NM. N. Ml. Contradictoriness/work_at_home_]bobs_Canada/01 _home/ work_at_home_]bobs_ho me. HTML Alpine Access Canada We understand that Alpine Access pays From their website: When hired by Alpine you for the time you spend in training. Access, you are an employee - not an independent contractor. We are committed to you and believe that an employer-employee relationship creates the best experience for you and our clients. We've found that when our employees feel valued and excited about work, they provide great service to customers. HTTPS://]bobs. Alpenstock. Mom/work-home/employee-benefits/Canada The following are links that we found and more research is needed to see if the opportunities exist. NCO Virtual - http://www. Inconvertible. Com/index. HTML Divans - http://field. Divans. Ca/en/ Marketing - http://www. Racketing. Com/careers. HTML Converged - wry. Converges. Com/careers 4 Medical, legal and insurance transcription services from home Way With Words From their website: TRANSCRIPTION: APPLY TO WORK FOR US Our application process is simple yet challenging. Only between 2% - 5% of our applicants pass our assessments as we take the applicants' English-language skills very seriously.

To apply to work for us as a transcriber please click here. PROOFREADING: APPLY TO WORK FOR US To apply to work with us as a proofreader, please submit your C.v. proofreader(at)weatherproofing. Com. Should you like to apply to work for us as a transcription proofreader (audio transcript proffer) please download the following sound file and request the test transcript. Instructions will be emailed to you. CAPTIONING: REGISTER WITH US To be considered for our register of capacitors in future, please submit your C.V. to captioning(at)weatherproofing. Com.

Note: Only experienced individuals with own computer, internet access and appropriate captioning software need apply. Http:// www. Watchwords. Info/ Obstetrician From their website: Obstetrician Job Application please complete all parts of this application, including the requested transcription sample. Thank you. Interesting to note that the head office is located in Cape Town, South Africa - they contract with Canadians regularly. Key facts about being a transcription with Obstetrician: 1. We pay $0. 50 per audio minute 2. We pay weekly via Papal for work completed the prior week 3.

Work your own hours 4. Join a fun growing team! Http://www. Obstetrician. Com/ 5 Accent's From their website: Medical Transcription - Accent's Inc. , a leading provider of independent physicians across Canada, has ongoing requirements for experienced Canadian medical transcriptions/editors to work as independent contractors from home. Http://www. Accent's. Ca/careers/Canadian. PH Terra Nova From their Website: Terra Nova prides itself on hiring talented employees who support its mission of delivering high quality results and best-in-class service to each customer.

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