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Realism and Naturalism

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Realism and Naturalism (Literary Genres) Realism Is an attempt to reproduce faithfully the surface appearance of life, especially that of ordinary people In everyday situations. As a literary term, realism has two meanings: in general, realism refers to the representation of characters, events, and settings in ways that the spectator will consider plausible. The setting is common and the characters are consistent, recognizable types. What happens in the narrative should be the kind of thing that happens In real life.

Historically, Realism (usually capitalized) refers to a movement In 19th century European and American literature and theatre that rejected the Idealism, elitism, and romanticism of earlier verse dramas and prose fiction in an attempt to represent life truthfully. Realist literature customarily focused on the middle class (and occasionally the working class) rather than the aristocracy, and it invoked social customs and economic detail to create an accurate description of ordinary human behavior. Naturalism Is a school of fiction and drama In which the characters are presented as rodents or victims of environment and heredity.

Influenced by evolutionary theory, naturalism portrays human beings as natural creatures set apart from other animals only by virtue of their intelligence. Society is a veneer of civility under which simmer ruling urges of fear, lust, and acquisitiveness. No supernatural entities appear, and the world runs on an unforgiving natural law of cause and effect, the strong preying upon the weak. Plots move forward through the conflict of inner motive and outward circumstance, with characters thrown Into social and economic milieus that more or sees fall to meet their preemptively needs.

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Realism and Naturalism

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Naturalism was formally developed by French novelist Mile Cola in the sass. In naturalism, events should be reproduced with sufficient exactness to demonstrate the strict laws of material causality. Important America Naturalists writing fiction include: Jack London, Stephen Crane, Frank Norris, Theodore Dresser. Theodore Dresser Sister Carrie An American Tragedy Charles Dickens Great Expectations Oliver Twist Gustavo Flutter George Kissing Stephen Crane Frank Norris Mile Cola A Sentimental Education New Grub Street

Maggie: A Girl of the Streets and Other stories (All of it) Macerate Nana As you read, concentrate on the manners in which your chosen authors employ the traits of Realism and Naturalism in their works. Annotation and marking of significant passages as they pertain to character/motivation/setting/symbolism/metaphor, etc, would be advised. Upon your return to school following summer break, you will be met with an Nicolas essay assignment based upon your reading/comprehension/facility with Realism and Naturalism as they pertain to the novels chosen for summer reading.

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