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What was particularly interesting, meaningful and/or insightful in the readings/assignments for the week? * In what way(s) were you able to relate the week's assignments to your workplace? * What did you learn that you would begin incorporating into your own work style and environment? * What was the muddiest point? This week I liked reading about the difference between persuasion and manipulation. I found it to be very helpful to understand why some people use one over the other.

Some people do not understand that there is a difference; however, there is quite a big difference. Most people think that the two go hand in hand that one is just a lesser form of the two. This week I related our discussion questions to my place of work by upping my persuasion tactics. People, statistically, respond better to persuasion then manipulation. Also explaining along with persuasion goes along way. When a coworker needed to understand something about a particular procedure that is in my neck of the woods I wanted it done how I do it.

Therefore, persuasion of why my way works better explained in a learning manner went well. What I learned this week that I will apply to my work style is that when talking to someone of a challenging nature I can use facts. The muddiest point that I had trouble with this week was that some people think that if you show respect you will get it back. I do not think this is the case. Just because you show respect does not mean you will get it back. This does not mean you should stop.

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