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Magnetic resonance imaging guided focused ultrasound is completely noninvasive treatment for breast cancer which requires less anesthesia, recovery time and could avoid infections, scar formation and possibly reduce cost. It is the method of choice for accurate delimitation of many breast tumors, it can noninvasively measure ultrasound induced temperature. The combination of MRI and FUS concurrently allow the delineation of tumors margins (American cancer society).

The MRI guided FUS system consist of a supply of unit for radio frequency conditioning, driving hydraulics, the cooling and fluidic system, MR- compatible ,ultrasound applicator, comprising a therapeutic ultra sound transducer with a hydraulically driven positioning system and coil for MRI within the MR- scanner and computer for therapy planning , MRI –based temperature monitoring and MRI. The MRI guided FUS objective is to compute an optimize beam pattern that covers the targeted area in such a way that the multiple focal ultrasound volumes are packed till the whole target volume are treated (American cancer society).

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According to American cancer journal 1931-1940, during the MRI planning and FUS therapy, the breast is placed on the transparent window surrounded by the MRI coil. To optimize the ultrasound beam angle, the sonication window is adjusted around the vertical axis through the center of the breast. Acoustic coupling is mediated by ultrasound jelly and water. The ultrasound wave are focused through the intact skin and resulted in the localized tissue ablation at a maximum temperature of 70 degree centigrade (www. cancer . org). Thus, nurses should teach the patient that MRI guided FUS therapy is safe and effective, with no side effect.

It reduces the chance of anesthesia usage, infection, scar formation, recovery time and it is also very cheap. Effective teaching about the therapy will reduce agitation, depression, fear and signs and symptoms. As nurses we should also emotionally support these patients, this will give them more hope and strength to fight this ill disease. References : Noninvasive of Breast Cancer Therapy, the journal of Cancer Research (1916-30), the American journal of cancer (1931-40). Retrieve from http://www. cancer . org American Cancer Society, Retrieve from http://www. cancer . org

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