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No Security Without Development

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There is no security without development and no development without security. (40 marks) This essay is going to focus on whether there can be no security without development and no development without security. Security can include economic security, social (personal, political and community ) security, health security and food security. Development can include social (hospitals, schools, housing) and infrastructure (communication links roads, power supplies, access to water) aspects.

Security and development can both be linked to poverty. So, the question is, if a country or region is living in poverty can either security or development be gained? There cannot be no security without development if people do not own enough land as they do not have social security or do not have land to grow crops, meaning a lack of economic and food security. Afghanistan is a unstable country and is prone to civil wars lasting over 30 years. Only 12% of it's land is farmable meaning that Afghans are competing for the best land.

However, instead of growing crops, they crop poppies that can be used to produce heroin, which generates much more income than crops. This can give some economic security, but defects food security due to the lack of crops grown. There cannot be no security if people live in fear of losing everything in a natural disaster such as an earthquake, tsunami or a volcanic eruption. An example of this is the Asian Tsunami in 2004 that hit countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Sri Lankia, India and Thailand.

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It killed 250000 people in a day, causing mass damage wiping out everything in its way. This meant that houses, infrastructure, health services and businesses were destroyed. With 1. 7 million people homeless, it clasped social security and left many people without food. The 18 countries that were affected lacked security. However, with NGO's, aid and relief it allowed the countries to develop again which helped to rebuild businesses which helped increase economic security and gave shelter and good supplies which developed to increase social and food security.

Therefore, this suggests that with security a country can develop and with development there can be security. The Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is a resource rich country, however, it lacks security. They have a lot of gold but no machines to get it out, lacks development of infrastructure. Unfortunately, no big companies will invest unless the country has peace and gains social security. However, to help the country develop, monitoring of mines is a strategy to help bring security and get resources safely to sell, which provides an income to help the DRC to develop.

Sadly, there are not enough conflict free mines such as in Nyabibwe to help full development as there is only partial security. Therefore, this suggests that if there is no security development cannot take place. To conclude, no security without development and no development without security is dependent on an areas status. For example the DRC has conflict and lacks security so no one will invest to help development, whereas a country like Indonesia, where a natural disaster has occurred lacks security but aid and relief is given that increases development that helps to increase security.

No Security Without Development essay

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