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Nevada Restaurant Association is an organization that focuses on managing several events and activities related to hotel and restaurant management. High quality hotel services, safety food provision and high standard accommodation is what NRA aims for and they accomplish it by having an organization capable of recruiting members to whom they will share the knowledge and skills of superb hotel and restaurant management. As an intern in NRA, my tasks are mainly administrative and office support.

The management assigned me tasks such as fielding, making telephone calls to clients and other people regarding the upcoming events and businesses, receiving and directing clients and filling and faxing of important documents. Even if my tasks seemed to be simple, it served as a challenge to me to develop my personality and be more acquainted and knowledgeable about my profession. During my internship, I observed a lot of qualities and behavior in the organization which I think are the strengths of the organization.

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Some of the strengths that I observed are the organization’s value for customer satisfaction, staff training and brand identity. For NRA, customer satisfaction is a measure of how the organization is performing. If the customers are satisfied with the services and products rendered, then they will more likely to choose NRA again and use its services. Since customer satisfaction is one of their goals, they achieve it by training their staff intensively about all the operations involved in hotel and restaurant management. This includes the appropriate preparation of food, location, tables and even the hospitable way of welcoming guests.

By conducting a regular training program with the students and other members, NRA is able to produce competitive staff capable of rendering world class hotel and restaurant services. As a result of skilled and talented staff and trainees, NRA is able to maintain its brand identity as an organization capable of producing world class HRM employees and helping other hotel and restaurant institutions in serving people with global quality services. References: Nevada Restaurant Association Website. (2007). Available at: http://www. nvrestaurants. com/

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