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Negative Impacts of Disney Speech

A word that connotes childhood enjoyment, its messages of love and happiness influencing us for the better.This is exactly what Disney would like us to believe.Despite what they say, there is a sinister side to this innocence.

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Its messages have been corrupting our poor, unsuspecting children. How beauty is imperative in order to succeed in life; how only the beautiful can achieve their own ‘happy ending; how people who are less than ‘perfect’ are dark and evil.

How can anyone truly feel comfortable with themselves, when such horrifying messages have subconsciously consumed our minds? We are all being duped, being influenced into worshipping Disney; what child in this world can claim not to have watched or heard of Disney? But this corruption does not stop at DVDs. It continues to emerge in toys, clothes, furniture, even technology. It has taken over our lives.

Young children are being preyed upon by scavenging eagles rampaging for money from our naive purses; Disneys annual revenue for 2012 was $45 billion, insinuating how much a childhood depends on Disney’s merchandise. With intellect such as yourselves, you must see the ulterior motives of Disney, but ost importantly, the detrimental effects this is having on our young children. Prejudice and sexist views are being embedded into the innocent minds of today, continuously influencing their thoughts and processes.

Does this seem fair to you? To allow this company the right to poison young, ignorant minds is revolting. The protagonist from the childhood classic ‘Cinderella’, for example, is subliminally portrayed to have a lack of independence and aspirations for her life. According to Cinderella’s creators, a women’s main duty is to slave for people of higher class by erforming derogatory tasks. However can we expect sexist views to disappear when they are being promoted through children’s television.

When she at last breaks free of this ridiculous stereotype, she is not saved by her own perseverance and determination, but rather by impressing a wealthy prince with her looks. Even for this she must be beautiful and ‘perfect’- not in her usual attire of maid’s clothes! Girls are being taught that masquerading their true identity is necessary for a better life. And people wonder why women from a young age overuse makeup. Young children are eing taught that a piece of cloth will make all their problems disappear. Does this sound like a fair representation of life to you?

How can we expect to produce hardworking, independent women if they are constantly reminded that ‘looking nice’ is all that matters? Disney always plays to the same stereotype: the beautiful woman has to be saved by ‘prince charming for her life to get better. Does this seem realistic to you? Does this seem like a world striving for equality? The hypocrisy is sickening. Self-consciousness is also promoted by Disney’s ‘princesses’, which can lead to erious repercussions such as depression and eating-related disorders.

From such a young age it is embedded into our minds that a sizeO body is needed to achieve happiness. How can the constant hopelessness felt by impressionable teenagers of pin-sized and hair not thick and glossy. What does this say about Disney: delusional, thoughtless and sexist. Stop this disgusting behavior on Disney’s part now! Speak up and protect the children of the world from untrue stereotypes and plastic idols. As long as you speak up, we can abolish these sickening pressures put upon young women.

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