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Negative Impacts

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Industry production systems are unsustainable which can also have negative Impacts on environments. In response, there has been a rapid growth aimed at getting industry to "clean up its act", because enforcement of the environment is growing up only slowly. In addition, the environmental and social performance of enterprises has Increasingly been used as a factor In deciding whether to do business with them, and this means that environmental demands are being made on enterprises. The methodology to be adopted will basically be with relevant, recognizing that they must adapt to the environmental demands made of heir products or of their manufacturing procedures, and to do this they need companies that can offer specialized services relating to the development of various management systems and products.

The response to the problems outlined Lies In enabling output to continue to grow while minimizing growth in inputs of materials and energy, and they can support the establishment of institutions meeting the standards in monitoring the development of environment related In affecting trade, identify gaps In normative laws and regulations and other policies which promote of Industry especially In the support yester by promoting the establishment of specialized enterprises in the 1 org knowledge and skills in enterprises to public-private partnerships in the environment field.

The view to the above mentioned, focuses on the paths to industrial development; efficient use of non-energy raw materials and of recycled industrial and non-industrial wastes; adoption of relevant products and technologies to meet environmental standards; adoption of environmental and related management systems with a view to entry into global value chains; and creation of businesses that an offer services. This concludes some challenges faced by some industries to properly utilize resources, which somehow gives opportunities.

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The unsustainable patterns of industrial development may not have been appreciated until quite recently, it has been recognized since the start of the industrial revolution that enterprises can have obvious and visible impacts on their local communities and environments.

As a response to these manifest health and environmental impacts, the last 40 years have seen an unparalleled growth in environmental matter. There has been a growing determination by different stakeholders in the developed countries to use the environmental and social performance of enterprises as a factor in deciding whether to do business with them. The first to feel this pressure are often the transitional corporations and other large companies, but they in turn are exerting a similar pressure on their suppliers. As a result of the globalization of trade, many of these are now located in developing countries.

This paper explores in more detail these challenges and opportunities on how can enterprises in these countries become greener and shrink their environmental footprint, while at the same time continuing to grow and deliver goods, services and Jobs to their populations? What were the advantages and disadvantages of industrialization? Answers to these questions must take into account one overriding imperative: that industries need to grow. Industrial development is the only mechanism that will enable developing countries to reduce the level of poverty and hardship they face. This conclusion offers a strategy for the development aid community, which is designed to help developing countries bridge the gap between the present and the future.

Industrial Development Any Development of an Industrial Nature

The industrial revolution led to the development of factories for large-scale production, with consequent changes in society. Originally the factories were steam-powered, but later transitioned to electricity once an electrical grid was developed. The mechanized assembly line was introduced to assemble arts in a repeatable fashion, with individual workers performing specific steps during the process. This led to significant increases in efficiency, lowering the cost of the end process. Later automation was increasingly used to replace human operators. This process has accelerated with the development of the computer and the robot.

How Economic Development Through the Years Affect the Environment

The economic development through the years affected the environment by the increase in population, industrialization started, and the shortage of nonrenewable energy sources. The increase in population means that ore forest and rainforest will be destroyed to make more room for the people to live.

Destroying rain forests are bad because forest alone produces 40% of the world's oxygen. There are now a lot of industries around the world but even though there are so many, it is a big burden to the environment. The burning of gasoline and coal produces carbon dioxide that, over time, has settled in a layer in the earth's upper atmosphere. This creates a situation know as greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect is a situation in which an excess of carbon dioxide in the earth's upper atmosphere lets the sun's rays through but traps heat close to the earth's surface. Nonrenewable energy resources might run out.

This might occur because of the increase and demand in oil which is the basic necessity we all use. We use oil for multiple proposes. Since industries use oil and coal a lot it will eventually pollute everything and will cause acid rain which pollutes the stream. These were some examples of how economic development can led to disasters for the environment. There might be a smudge of a change that this will not happen, but, it is guaranteed that those things would happen. Especially that global warming is already taking place.

How Industrial Development Made Life Easier

It would just be unbearable to think that life would be better without the Industrial Revolution. All the inventions that were invented back then are used all the time. The inventions have greatly changed society. The light bulb was made to create light that would last for a long time and that could be used anywhere. In today's society, people just makes it easier to see anywhere whenever it's the daytime or night time. "Edition's eventual achievement was inventing not Just an incandescent electric light, but also an electric lighting system that contained all the elements necessary to make the incandescent light practical, safe, and economical. Before it was created, human beings had to use fire and now you're able to Just turn the light switch on and you automatically have whatever lighted. Louis Daggered invented the first camera Just to capture things for memory. The camera was invented to capture a picture of anything you wanted to save as a memory. In today's world, people use the camera during many special occasions to remember that specific day. It helps a lot because so many people can enjoy or see what an occasion was like even if they weren't there by looking at the pictures.

George Stephenson first attempted to create the first locomotive since others who tried failed. The locomotive was invented to try and succeed in an invention but lead to more better things. In today's society, we use the transportation for many reasons. We use it to haul cargo and 9 transport people to many places. "It was now that George Stephenson, about twenty years of age, set about the construction of his first locomotive. As we before stated, the want of good and skillful workmen was a great Arabica. Before it was invented, it was more difficult to transport anything to different locations. The period of the Industrial Revolution greatly contributed to the world. It was a revolution which helped everyone in a positive way no matter what the situation was to them. Society became easier and less hard to live by having many inventions do our hard work for us. 1


The Industrial development was a mixed blessing. It has its advantages and disadvantages; through this study I was able to appreciate the efforts of the inventors Just to make our life easier and more comfortable. Throughout those years everything were created and studied well, yet we were not able to see the needs of our environment while we were all happy inventing and making technologies as much as we want. The industries were able to brought countries and people together. There was an international awareness among people because developments in one country influenced the others, there were better transport, communications and mechanized goods made life comfortable for man. Unfortunately cities became crowded, smoky, with problems of slums, housing, sanitation, accidents and epidemics.

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