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Nazca Lines

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Earth scientists have been preoccupied with demystifying the secret behind the Nazca lines discovered in South Americas earth in the 1920’s. These precisely straight lines, still unfaded by over 3,000 years of rains, floods, winds, and dust appear to be impossible for any mortal to create. More than that, how they were drawn and why they were drawn is a challenge for the most intelligent minds to come up with any clues. The Nazca lines are as mysterious as the earth’s pyramids. The lines are forms of humans, birds, monkeys, and many other animals.

From the information provided, all images drawn into the earth are some form of animals, or humans. Images can only be made out from an aerial view from the sky, such as an airplane or helicopter. These earth drawings are far to large to identify from the ground. “From ground level, earth drawings or geoglyphs as they are called, seem like a confused mass of lines. It’s only when viewed from the air, that one sees how the lines and figures convey a sense of purpose, of organization” (Stouse, 2007).

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Since the discovery of these lines, there has been studies and studies of these Nazca lines, intriguing people to find out more. http://www. timstouse. com/EarthHistory/nazcalines. htm Lines, Lines, Lines Without technology, even rulers and other measuring devices did not exist at this time, how can these drawings be so accurate and precise? Not only are they so accurately and precise, they are habitually accurate and perfectly straight over thousands of miles, cover several hundred feet of Peru. The lines are complicated, interweaving in and out one another, but consistently perfect.

To the Incas, pottery was always a big part of their art. Their pottery contained intricate details engrained in the carvings. Scientists studying this always seem to mention their pottery art. Apparently, some significant connection has been related. One of the factors they are studying is the dry land these drawings were sketched. Still they cannot figure out how it was done. http://www. timstouse. com/EarthHistory/nazcalines. htm No one has the right information required to unsolve the mystery. Scientists are extremely intelligent, which is a mystique in itself.

They still do not have the right information to discover the hidden secrets behind the Nazca lines. Peruvians lifestyles or education from the time they were born would have to be studied. Maybe through their traditions while learning survival they acquired the ability to draw perfect lines and measurements. A twenty five year old does not wake up one day with the ability to draw so precisely. Drawing precise lines are a result of years accumulated by daily living habits beginning at a very young age.

Since the images are so large, a group of people had to be involved in etching one drawing. The drawings had to be broken down into segments. Each person was assigned a section of the drawing. Another intriguing mystery about the earth’s sketches, is these sketches are here to stay. They are not faded away, washed away, and are not desolved. If the sketches have been here for 3,000 years, they are going to be here 3,000 more. Even tombstones built of solid material to survive the earths conditions, corrode and break down after so many years.

How are these drawings surviving? Once again, no one today has the right information to figure it out. The Peruvians must have had a way to draw all moisture out of the earth, to seal it off completely preventing anything to seep into the grains before they started the drawings. Water is natures most damaging resource. Water will put out and destroy fire. The sea has enormous strength and power. Almost nothing can stand up to damaging water hazards. Ancient Peruvians knew much more about the earth than what is known today. http://www.

timstouse. com/EarthHistory/nazcalines. htm Reasons why the Peruvians were so motivated to create such drawings is another unsolved mystery. Their religion may provide clues to why they would take enormous amounts of time to do there drawings. Peruvians believed in sun gods and sun goddesses. Nothing is absolute certainty why they drew these sketches. One explanation, was to honor or please the gods, or the sun. Because the sketches can only be identified by an aerial view, these drawings probably were to send messages to something in the air.

Studying the artists who are influenced by Peru’s culture can provide some leads to figure out how these drawings were etched into the ground. Some of the best artists have came from Peru. The artists influenced by Peru specialized in detailed measurements. (Wilepedia). An Inca artists, Joaquin Torres-Garcia, derive much of his art from Inca and Nazca Pottery. “Torres-Garcia’s style is based on grid patterns derived from the aesthetics of the golden section, a geometric proportion and surrealism”

(encyclopedia article, http://encarta. msn. com/encyclopedia_762507279/Joaquin_Torres-Garcia. html). Golden section is using straight lines and exact measurements. If art work inspired by Incas have a history of placing importance on such mathematical precision, then that has to be connected to their earth drawings. Geometrical figures, lines are somehow embedded into their culture. Conclusion: The Nazca lines today remain a mystery. They will probably remain a mystery forever. Sure enough, as soon as one scientists discovers something, another finds evidence that disproves it.

But that is the process of learning or studying. Even when a theory is proven false, it reveals information. The Nazca lines can only be viewed from an Ariel view. And they did worship sun gods. These drawings probably had a very sacred meaning in honor of the sun. Notes: No author, no date Joaquin Torres-Garcia http://encarta. msn. com/encyclopedia_762507279/Joaquin_Torres-Garcia. html No Author, no date; Discovery Channel http://exn. ca/mysticplaces/Nazcalines. asp Stouse, Tim 2003, modified 2007 Nazca lines http://www. timstouse. com/EarthHistory/nazcalines. htm

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