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My Writing Experience

Cody Dwells 1-21-13 English 101 My writing experience hasn’t always been good.In fact I’ve had to get some help with it.I was the type that didn’t know how to start a sentence or end one.

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The help that I got was in grade school, and it really made me get looked down on, so that’s why I didn’t ask for help any more. This had a big impact on me. It made me not want anything to do with writing, because I thought I wasn’t any good at it.

My senior year in high school I was put in Mrs. Effie Stidham’s class. She was the new teacher that year and no one really knew her, but she cared for her kids in class. She was the type of teacher who would really help with any problem, and she would do it in a way nobody else knew. The second day of class we had an essay to write, and it was about stop lights. Well I talked to her and told her about my problem. About me not liking to write and wasn’t that good at it.

So she came up with the idea for me to write about anything I could, so the first thing to hit my mind was some personal problems I had been having. One page led to another and it really felt great to get it out and off my chest. After I stared to write about all my problems I felt free, like I was expressing myself and doing away with my problems. That’s when my writing experience changed, it changed for the best. The only real problem I had was run on senesce and where to put comas.

I had got into college, and my first year I took English under Randy Moon. He had brought new things to the table. Things that I needed to know, like where to put comas and what a run on was. He offered more help on how to write essays. It was hard for me to start writing essays, because here I was again trying to write about other things. Mr. Moon had made us try something in class one day called free writing. Free writing is where you start off on topic and write if your mind goes blank just keep writing about anything.

Before you know it your mind goes right back to the topic. This has helped me so much to become a writer. I’m still not the best at writing, but it is a lot easier for me. I have become to like writing it’s one of my favorite subjects now. Writing is a very important part of life, no matter what you do. Sometimes you’re writing can determine if you get the big job or not. If you were like me and about to give up, don’t cause they are help out there you just have to find the right person that is willing to do so.

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