My Favorite Healthy Meal

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I do, and it's a delicious turkey sub. It's my favorite meal because it's healthy, it fills me up, and best of all, it's scrumptious, all at the same time! This meal is healthy because it has Just about all the food groups you need in a healthy meal. It has meat, vegetables, dairy, and wheat. The reason the meat in my sub is turkey cold cut, is because turkey doesn't carry much fat in it. You get your vitamins and nutrients from the vegetables; and you get grains from the wheat bread.

One of the advantages of dairy, is that dairy strengthens your bones. The ingredients needed are sliced, turkey cold meat, shredded lettuce, sliced cucumbers, sliced American cheese, low fat ranch, and a six-inch wheat bread that are used for subs. Before you start, wash your hands with warm water and soap. To start off, you have to get six-inches of wheat bread cut the sub from left to right. After you cut the bread open, take one slice of the turkey at a time, and starting from one end of the sub, line them up across the entire sub. Next, do the same thing with the

American cheese. After that, take the shredded lettuce and spread it across the sub on top of the meat and cheese. Next, get the sliced cucumbers and Just do the same as you do with the meat and cheese. In the next step, grab the low fat ranch and put one straight line of ranch on top of the vegetables, meat, and cheese. Lastly, close It up and enjoy your sub! In conclusion, I think this sub Is a great sub that I love to make and eat! It Is a great and healthy meal! I hope you get to make It and even more Importantly, Like It! Again, this Is a healthy, yet delicious meal!

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