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How Does Music Effect Human Emotions?

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Music is any sound that is artistically created and presented. It is said that we need food so that our body may survive, but we need pleasure that so that our mind may survive. And no one gives you more pleasure and peace than music. When we listen to music, not only hear it, we establish a spiritual connection with any one who is a part of creation of music. All the time we hear any piece of music we feel that its creators are a part of us. It is one the most powerful medium that quite effortlessly is able to influence our emotions. Interpretation of music Those who listen to music can interpret a piece of music in different ways.

Even it is a same piece of music, it will convey different message, a different sentiment and it is totally dependant upon the message that its creator wants to convey. A glimpse of the past It is a well known fact that right from time historical immemorial, people have been using music to increase the glory of war. Music has been used to motivate people to fight for their freedom and win wars as well. Almost every country has their own music/ anthem for their country and army. Music has its own merits Ask any doctor, consult any health expert, you will be told, music helps to increase concentration, memory.

It is an essential aspect of curriculum in the schools. Practicing music helps to increase brain power. It increases their IQ level, reasoning and logical skills. So the next time someone says that they used to take some piano lessons and found it easier to concentrate in their studies, trust me, they are speaking the truth. A knowledge base named music Knowledge of music brings in a lot of awareness about people ,cultures , history and even societies. For example, if you want to learn Asian music, it will be impossible to do so without understanding the concerned culture.

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How Does Music Effect Human Emotions?

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