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Money: Descriptio Essay

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Money Money is a very essential factor in our lives. In this world everyone needs money in order to survive. The reason why our world it's active, it's because we are all seeking for this medium. Money has a great influence on every society, it gives people a different perception of life and can lead to change people's lifestyle. Money can have an effective impact people's lives ,likewise it can lead to some negative impact. Indeed Money is what the world is about , what our lives depends on and what we are all living for. In fact money is necessary in today's global society.

This medium is the center of all activities , everyone needs for their whole life; for clothes, for food, for a shelter and all other things to live comfortably. There are some people who have enough money to provide themselves more than these basic needs , they are usually referred as rich or wealthy people , some have enough to buy a town or even a country. For example, the wealthy can travel across the ocean or the desert if they so desire, whereas the poor must deny themselves such pleasures and focus on simply having enough money to make it to the end of the month.

Money is money is not equal across different classes in a social hierarchy,apparently it is based on productivity. Furthermore ,although we can see class distinctions economically , these classes are equal on some level. For instance one of the richest people in the world cannot buy love, health, joy peace or feelings . Money has it limit ,money can only buy mostly concrete and material things. After all , we are all motivate to get it , because our lives depends on it .

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Money cannot provide every single things nor resolve every problems , but it can make our lives less miserable. Certainly without it our living conditions would be poor hard to meet the basic needs in life . Moreover, a part from those advantages ,money has brought us a lot of downsides. . Money often makes people conceited, grasping , envious . Usually we are never satisfied of enough money we have ,everyone want to get more , even the wealthy people want earn as more as possible . Earning money legitimately is a difficult task , but some people want it to be an easy one.

For instance there are people who are willing to do any kind of things in order to get it , they will steal, cheat, break the law, lie , do harm to others to fill their pocket. This medium has taken over our lives, it is without doubt very valuable in life ,the more materials we get . In conclusion , money brings a lot of advantages as see ,we all know that it is necessary for survival . Whether money does us good or harm it depends greatly on our perception of it. Money is not necessary to be happy, though it is essential to remain happy. For this reason making money is the first common goal on everyone's life .

Money: Descriptio Essay essay

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