Modern Technology in Daily Life

Last Updated: 12 Mar 2023
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Can you imagine a world without technology? Well, back then they had no access to any type of electronic. As time went by, electronics has changed over time and influenced others, especially social life. Now technology such as video games and cellular devices has affected us both positively and negatively. Sometimes when you get bored or take a break you start to play your smartphones. You check Instagram, texting your friends, or start to play games. But then you realize you spend more time on your phone than doing what you were suppose to do before. Phones can be a negative and positive influence in your life.

A positive effect of cell phones is that they have revolutionized communication and made it easier to contact someone exactly at the moment that we need. Also, phones offer features that have many other benefits. A negative effect on phones is that you get off track and when you try to concentrate again, you cannot focus or even remember what you were doing. In addition, the lack of communication with your family and friends increases. You tend to talk to them through text instead of talking to each other. Smartphones can be a tool of convenience, but at the same time they can be a distraction.

The internet is so popular nowadays that about everyone uses it. It can be accessed by users Now that we have access to internet in almost everywhere, it can be an advantage and a disadvantage. What are they? The internet on society is that it provides the ability to access unlimited information and it also allows you connect and interact with your friends worldwide. Consequently, internet can include the difficulty to remove information when you want to and it can be an absence of communication as well just like using phones. Many people have been downloading music and other copyrighted materials for free.

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This lead to a negative impact of music industries and several lawsuits. The internet is another factor that influence social life today. Whether good or bad, television has been in our lives for a long time. Some think it’s a harm to our society and some think it’s a great invention. Television provides a variety of information that includes the news, advertisements, and events. It can also provide lots of entertainment such as music, comedy, drama, shows, and movies straight to home. It is very convenient and an affordable technology to use. On the other hand, television may have violent action films that increases crime rate and violent acts in people. Some can be addicted into watching TV and decrease the amount of exercise causing people to be obese. Television is another aspect in our society that affects us greatly.

Technology and electronics have been changing a lot through the past several centuries and have a great connection in the society today. Some can be disadvantages and advantages to us. Critical technology such as television, cellular devices and the internet changed through small ideas and change the world. In conclusion, whether if it is good or bad, technology had changed the people and the society worldwide extremely.

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