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Artists Who Use Modern Technologies

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Traditionally artists would use a pencil or brush to make their admiring works of art, but in modern-day society technology has become more involved in the way art is created. Artists are now using sound, video or computer-generated images. Digital art was something developed from simple designs and forms made by a computer program to finish pieces or art. These programs can help achieve the realistic aspect of art such as watercolor or oil painting. In some art museums, they have incorporated more videos and installations rather than traditional paintings or drawings. Artists who use traditional art techniques are now using modern technology like the internet to display their work and connect with other artists.

Modern technology has the helped artists created work faster and with a variety of tools. Modern artists are using an alternative resources and methods to produce their artworks. Compared to the historical artist, painting and drawing were the major methods utilized in their work. In the modernized pieces installations, sound, video and computers have become more broadly used and common. Artists today are frequently experimenting with new technology in different ways, looking for new ways to use old methods along with creating new methods. The internet has become more involved with many current artists who are using it to display their works with online museums, to communicate with other artists and to make a profit from their work.

Sites such as,, or allow these artists to sell and show their works and communicate with people throughout the world. Computer programs such as Affinity Photo and Pixlr let artist manipulate images and paint pictures. They obtain this by using custom artists tools which create the effects in just a few minutes of what initially would have taken a long time to paint. Several artists currently are involved in using digital art technology to create things such as websites, games or online art displays. Digital art has progressively been displayed in modern art showings, as well as being online. The influence that these different types of technology has on modern art is very hard to pin down because they are constantly changing and being modernized. However, while modern technology offers artists many chances and ways to create art, it still works like any other artists tool of the past.

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Films are being created for art museums just as paintings were made for display by the impressionists. Tracey Moffat is an Australian artist who uses photography and videos to display art. Her piece “My Horizon” was shown at the 57th Venice Biennale where she represented Australia. Venice Biennale is an art organization in Venice. Moffat is inspired by pictures that come from television and movies to create her own films. Tracey Moffat is inspired by pictures that come from television and movies to create her own films. In a recent film, Moffat shows a series of clips from movies and television programs that show how Hollywood and modern society portrays artists.

By using popular television shows stance on what an artist means to modern society, allows others to see the perspective of the regular person, who can sometimes misinterpret modern art. She shows a section from the Agony and the Ecstasy with Michelangelo wrecking his first painting in the Sistine Chapel and an amusing section from the movie Batman with Rembrandts and the 'Joker' vandalizing Edgar Degas’s painting, as well as other scenes from art films such as Surviving Picasso. Moffatt's ten-minute documentary provides an outstanding understanding of the way artists are seen in modern society.

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