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Modern Education Is A Needs In The Future

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Weather the development of modern education is our needs as a modern country? The development of modern education in our country will give a huge impact in education sector especially to the students in primary school, secondary school, IPTA and IPTS. The modernization of education sector is consistence to our country goal to be developed country towards 2020. Moreover, we can take Japan as a example of success country in development of education such as they are no longer using text book In learning system but they use tablet to replace text book.

So, they can reduce the using of paper as well as they can control the greenhouse effect from logging. In conclusion, we also can make changes like Japan because the wealth of our country make all this changes are not impossible. The development of modern education will change the way of learning system among the students and teachers. What I mean is the student can get education from using ICT such as used it for searching information and knowledge to solve their problem in study.

At the same time, they can improve their ICT skills. Other than that, I believe if they use all the benefits of technology in their learning, they can be a fast learner and knowledgeable student. Furthermore, the modernization of education sector will force our country to produce innovation and productivity students. This will lead our education through the highest level. From this we can see that the developed education will give a lot of beneficial to our country in all sectors.

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On the other hand, the modern education also have it own consequence like student will easily to be exposed by harmful content in Internet such as pornographic and violence activities that put by not responsible peoples. So, these consequences must be under controlled by the responsible. All in all, our education must get improvement to make sure all the students can get all the benefit. I believe if our government take all this advantage, it can make sure we will be one step beyond to the futuristic academic learning. It also will make our country as a role model to the others in development of education sectors to them.

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