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Memo on Salary Decrease

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To my valued employees, I believe that all of us are fully or somehow aware of the current economic crises that hit the world, but I know that we can surpass all of these if we hold on strong. You should know that amongst all the resources this company might have, you, the employees are the most valuable. You are the foundation that that keeps this system running, and because I can’t afford to lose any of you, I chose another route that I know will be a bit uncomfortable for all of us. I have decided to cut all employee salaries by 10% over the next year; this is the only feasible way so I can keep all of you.

Given this current situation, I know that many if not all will be greatly disappointed by this, but I hope that we can look past through this and focus on the brighter side that at least we still have our jobs. So I urge everyone to please to continue working hard so we can help keep this company afloat, because if we do, all of us will be benefited in a way. But despite this sad news, I still would want all of us to be happy during the upcoming Christmas season that is why I am keeping our good old day traditions, by giving out something extra in your pay checks.

I hope that this can somehow help you feel a bit lighter inside. So before we all return to our families to spend the holidays, I will truly appreciate to see all of you with smiles on your faces before and after Christmas. Happy Christmas and May we all have a prosperous New Year. Memo on Salary Decrease 3 References Badertscher, N. (December 04, 2008). Woodstock employees to get Christmas bonus despite weak economy, (Atlanta Journal Constitution) Retrieved: December 23, 2008. Available: http://www. ajc. com/gwinnett/content/metro/cherokee/stories/2008/12/04/woodstock_bonus. html

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