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There are certain negative roles of Pakistani media . Medal Is negatively manipulating the Interests of the people. People of Pakistan are yet not critical / educated enough to realize this manipulation / twisting of facts. There is a famous dictum that "a lie spoken 100 times becomes greater than a truth" Pakistani media is also blamed for overwhelming negative exaggeration. It glossaries issues, resorts to negative exaggeration of matters, newspaper headlines are depicting violence, etc all this demoralizes the nation.

At times news are given without authentication / confirmation. Unethical material / photographs / scenes are shown on our media promoting popularization. Medal Is damaging basic fiber of our nation and has created a crisis of miss identification. Our initial investigation into the topic of truth manipulation began by conducting a 'cultural probe', followed by an extensive literature review from various sources. Further primary methods such as surveys, questionnaires and focus groups may be used to further enhance our learning and knowledge.

User testing will be used during the design development stage to determine if the target market is receptive to NY developed outcomes. Our aim is to equip the public with knowledge as to the ways and means the media uses to Influence their opinions. This will open up the option for our target market to form their own opinions on Issues, rather than taking the political or social stallion at TTS alliance. t TN ten meal wellness to Insult II upon I Following on from semesters group discussions, we begin by discussing and looking into issues concerning our views and perceptions of communication.

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Self-promotion and publishing, via the forming of new media outlets such as You Tube, My space, Face book and web logs has recently provided an alternative to the traditional way of receiving news information. The idea of creating and selecting the kind of information we wish to enrich ourselves with has steadily become more attractive as of late. With such a dynamic flow of information happening around the globe, North Korea somehow stands out in its shelter.. We, as a eastern society, on the other hand are exposed to various kinds of information on a daily basis.

Up to 3000 advertising messages per day to be precise. We cannot walk around a block without being attracted to buy a certain product, use form of service, or have a particular view. There is an absolute abundance of options. But are we really free to choose? Who is it to say that our source of information does not choose our information for us? Are we, despite having freedom of choice, not at all This idea formed the basis of our selected topic of research and led to the exploration of truth manipulation in the current media landscape.

AIMS & OBJECTIVES Firstly to create awareness amongst the public about techniques employed by media corporation to spin truths and push their political and social agendas and opinions upon society. Then to equip the audience with necessary means in order to defend themselves against truth manipulation in the current media landscape. The objective is not to dictate views or opinions but to encourage a critical perspective when listening to, reading and taking in news and current affairs information.

We would like to encourage the audience to think for themselves, form their own opinions and draw logical conclusions from the media they absorb. PURPOSE, NEED & SIGNIFICANCE As a consumer driven society, the public are often immature to the variety of ethos employed by media giants in order to influence opinions to support with their own agendas. Many of these cooperation's have continuously dishonored their responsibility to serve public interest and raise unbiased awareness of news and current issues.

As time progresses, and sophistication in technology becomes more and more advanced, consumers are becoming more at risk to truth manipulation as they do not nave ten addle TTY to Keep up Witt meal movements I Nils provokes ten meal giants with the opportunity to force their opinions and as a result the unsuspecting public come more susceptible to the success of the medias deeds. This is a demoralizing factor in today's society, as society puts a certain amount of trust into the media and hope that what they are delivering is authentic and unaltered information rather than issues that have been fictitious to benefit secondary needs.

This is where the public are being misled. What is needed to overcome these troubling issues is a raise in public awareness. Propaganda and truth manipulation must be exposed so the public are able to see that the information they receive is not necessary the whole truth. Once this occurs, e as a society will be better equipped to form our own opinions, and perhaps even regain some power over media giants. Grassroots is where this movement must begin and it is our aim to assist such a cause. RESEARCH METHODS This project centers around research and investigation.

In order to absorb and analyze as much information as possible on the chosen topic of truth manipulation, we have decided to employ several vastly different research methods. Initial investigation began by conducting a 'cultural probe'. This method is a first- hand data gathering attempt. The exercise involved using five people to participate in series of news, media and communication related activities. The aim of this method is more about gathering inspiration than information. The outcomes and results of this method are outlined below in the section entitled 'Cultural Probe Results'.

Secondary research took the form of a literature review, as included on the following pages. Each group member selected or was assigned a series of literature and information sources to investigate and report. Sources included documentaries, films, publications, Journals, articles, case studies and electronic resources. Both global and local issues were explored. This form of research aided a better understanding of our topic, and helped us form individual and collective opinions of the issues arising. The outcome is the following argumentative essay.

At the point of writing this research proposal, third and fourth methods of investigation are being discussed. Further primary methods such as surveys, questionnaires and focus groups may be used to further enhance our learning and knowledge. User testing will be used during the design development stage to determine if the target market are receptive to any developed outcomes. Major meal corporation's use tenet power Ana meal outlets to portray an oaten hidden political or social agenda. To do so they spin and manipulate truths, molding information to suit their cause.

Authenticity of information is lost owing to this trend, and it has become increasingly difficult for the public to separate fact from fabricated fiction and false, misleading information. The media has a role to portray true and relevant information and so serve public interest. This idea is seemingly lost on many media giants who are more focused on profit and swaying opinion than delivering a realistic and reasonable account of rent affairs and issues. This goes against the Journalistic promise to honor societies right to true and honest information.

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