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Marketing Strategies of BPL Color Television

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The group has always been as an electronic engineering group, unlike many of its competitors. Today we make everything from the cabinet to the electronic tuner itself and buy the picture tubes from Indian supplier. This in itself is seen as a transition of BPL from an engineering group to more diversified group dealing right from achieved with tremendous success. The BPL group is lot shy, introverted, but excited about the quality of its products.

It is not suppressing plan that over the past years, the group has quietly set in motion a wide ranging, strategic plan to established itself as the undisputed leader a stunning array of new products” washing machines, vacuum cleaners, refrigerators, microwaves, oven. In audio, it has widened its range dramatically. Soon to come, gas stoves with built in lighters, mixer-grinders, and mineral water machine. In just 10 years, sales have zoomed from Rs. 19 crores to Rs. 100 crores. BPL in the field of color TV’s has left behind old time rivals Videocon & ONIDA black.

In audio segment the sales of BPL is second only to PHILIPS who is the market leader. In VCR’s and VCP’s, BPL SANYO was the market leader with a 21. 4percent share of Indian made machines. In B&W TVs, BPL is fifth, but leads in 20-inch sets, the only segments it was present in till last year. In color TV component, the group has 65 percent of the market for electronics tunes, fly back transformers and deflection yokes, supplying too many of its competitors. In medical electronic, it has 80 percent of the electronic tunes, fly back transformers and deflection yokes, supplying to a many of its competitors.

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In medical electronics, it has 80 percent of the electrocardiogram market and 50-60 percent of the ICU monitors market. In the Epbaxs, the group has the largest user base in the country. Some conservative which now to a large extent has been able shed its image to largely because of the involvement of BIG B in the advertisement which in itself was seen as mega coup or event Smoother the competition with range it keeps both the consumer and dealer happy. It uses the top-of-the-line product to gain attention.

The rub-off on the range down the line will work wonders. Finally, get BPL product to occupy every corner of the target household. If this means sometimes getting into product categories, which aren’t profitability immediately, so be it. It’s a price worth paying. BPL has also running dealer promotion scheme but not to the extent their competitors indulge instead by believe more on advertising due to the fact that if the promotional spend crores and that means they are cutting their brand in the long run.

So for, dealers they look at high margins trouble free performance so the customer won’t hassle him and a constant flow of new product on all factors BPL has got its act together. BPL’s range strategy work on two levels, at the first one, the group is pushing into every consumer durable category in an attempt to crate an-all encompassing umbrella brand munch like those of leading Japanese companies. It is selecting dealer showrooms at price location across the country and turning them into BPL Galleries that stock and display only and all BPL products.

The main objective of the BPL Galleries is to show the public the width of BPL’s product range, build corporate image and sales. The second level of BPL’s range strategy is most obvious in the Rs1,000 crore audio market. The one with Rs 1500-3000 stereo portable segment (popularly known as two-in-ones) will become the largest segment volume wise overtaking mono portable. BPL is trying to compete with PHILIPS its nearest competitor with range and line-filling product as it not only keeps the consumer a choice and the dealer happy. In the CDs market BPL plans to challenge PHILIPS by being hi-tech, trendy and the medium of future.

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