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As it stands there does not at present seem to be any pressing political issues that stand to Jeopardize the success of Airman within the I-J aftershave market. One big political issue within the I-J aftershave market is issues with testing on animals over the past ten years political groups such as Greenback have become more noticed and listened to and if new legislation arises that threatens to ban animal testing Airman would not be able to use this as an option to product test however at present Airman do not test on animals.

Since 2013 the laws around bringing aftershave and perfume products on airplanes has been relaxed however there are still restrictions which make it hard for tourists who come to the I-J to return home with aftershave/ perfume products. This is particularly important as figures from 2013 show British tourism has reached an all time high with almost 33 million tourists choosing to holiday here and on average spending IEEE per visit how much of this goes into the I-J aftershave market is incalculable but if legislation tightens further it could stand to damage Airman code's profit margins within the I-J.

As it currently stands Airman fragrance products being a non-necessity means that in times of economic hardship these types of products are usually the first products a consumer tends not to buy. Airman say their target is the 25-50 year old male, one who is employed and fairly affluent we can also see evidence of this through Armin's advertising and the prices they charge. In 2013 consumer price index saw a rise from 1. 5- 1. 9% as direct result of consumer spending with the economic situation not improving Airman could maybe look towards pricing reviews or targeting another demographic also.

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Currently in terms of overall demographics the UK is the third-largest country in Europe behind Germany and France and the 22nd largest in the world with approximately 63,182,000 citizens. This makes the Uk a prime country for big retail brands to make money. The UK population has been getting older for over 100 years owe this is most likely due to advances in medicines and healthcare. In 2012 the population of had officially doubled from 1985 to a staggering 1. 4 million and rising and the number to 16 year olds and under dropped trot to 16%.

These statistics can be seen as both good and bad for the I-J aftershave market due to the fact that right now the demographic is optimal for success within this market with less teenagers and more older people it stands to reason there will be more of Armin's target demographic in the I-J however if statistics follow in the fashion they re at the moment it could mean more of the senior generation who tend not to purchase as many aftershave products due to not being as image conscious. Read about benefits of environmental scanning

With relation to the I-J aftershave market and technology this does not really apply except in terms of production. Armin's production is already very automated due to the cost-saving benefits this boasts if new technology does arise Airman should be in a strong position to upgrade to this due to their spending and borrowing power. Legal: This ties in with political factors and has been touched upon.

Aftershaves are speculated to have many detrimental effects upon human and animal health. Some products have been seen to cause nausea and headaches and when absorbed into the skin can have long term effects on our health. Aftershaves also have many of the substances found within hazardous waste in them such as petroleum and if it was to make way into the water system could have dangerous effects which in turn could affect Armin's reputation.

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