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Today Manchester United is the most powerful football club in the world. They have been successful and renowned mainly for their sporting success in the UK and in Europe where some of the best players went through such as George Best, Bobby Charlton, Eric Cantona, David Beckham, and more recently Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney. Manchester United is more than a simple football club, it’s brand and they have been very successful in marketing. In less than 20 years they went from local to global and have more than 650 million fans throughout the world.

They tried to diversify their activity over the years and the brand is also present in the business industry.

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Mission Statement. Manchester United wants to be the best football club on and off the pitch.

  1. Expand their portfolio of global and regional sponsors.
  2. Develop the retail, merchandising, apparel, and product licensing business.
  3. Exploit new media and mobile opportunities.
  4. Enhance the reach and distribution of broadcasting rights.
  5. Diversify revenue and improve margins

Marketing mix


The product Manchester United is an upmarket product. It wants to be different than any other football club, this is the reason why they have developed a different range of products above football. Moreover, they are always partnered with the best such as Nike, AIG, and Vodafone all leaders in their sector. Product. First of all the product includes providing an excellent football team that plays and wins in an exciting way. Every season they want to be the best. However, there are other ingredients of the product including merchandising such as the sale of shirts, and a range of memorabilia. The product also relates to television rights and Manchester United's own television channel.


In one respect the place is Old Trafford where home games are played, but Manchester United also plays at a range of other venues. And, of course its products are sold across the globe, through the club's website and a range of other sales media. Manchester United markets itself as a global brand. The club also engages in a range of joint promotional activities, for example with the mobile phone company Vodafone. Manchester United books, shirts, programs, keyrings and many other items are sold and promoted through its website. Price. The club has positioned itself at the upmarket premier end of the market and, as a result, it tends to charge premium prices as evidenced by the high cost of a season ticket to watch home league games.

Perform a general account analysis of Manchester United. Observe whether there is a balance between debt and working capital.


There are three important parts of a company's financial statements: the balance sheet, the income statement and the cash ow statement. The balance sheet gives a one-time snapshot of a company's assets and liabilities. And the income statement indicates the business's protability during a certain period.

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