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Management In The News

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Management is a way of creating, stirring, accessing and reusing knowledge to accomplish organization goals.Infosy’s works with you to build the appropriate knowledge management framework and processes as well as identifying technological solutions for establishing sound knowledge management system and processes .Inforsy’s won the prestigious Global most admirarable knowledge enterprise (M.A.K.E.) Award for the year 2003 validating infosy’s leadership in knowledge management. Knowledge is our most valuable resource and infosy’s process for knowledge management ensure that projects team derive the most out of knowledge for good management. Good management operates at three levels; Organization level, project level and accounts level.

As decision makers in the health care business, you grapple with challenges, imperatives and trade offs that are shaping the competitive  dynamics of the industry. How can administrative costs and overheads are controlled while improving patient’s service and overall efficiency. How can health care are made more consumer centered without adding to delivery costs.

How can spiraling IT costs be raised in so that resources are available for making new investments in technology to create competitive leadership capabilities. For the last 25 years Infosy’s has been working with payers, producers, and PMBs to help them become more competitive. As new stake holders such as RHIOs and NHEs emerge, we are synthesizing our knowledge in heath care and technology to offer new solutions. Our dedicated health care practice includes more than 200 professionals. (Tichy and Cohen, 1997)

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There are three secrets on management; One minute objective setting, One minute praising and one minute reprimand. The ABCs that’s Activators, i.e. actions taken by managers before some can accomplish a goal.Behaviour, i.e. what the person says or does and Consequences.


Authorizing employees to do there work without the need to seek approval from superiors. Give a sense of responsibility and achievement to employee.

Manager’s Role

Managers in a health organization have a variety of roles. (Manfred David Mann) in a short sway on the role of managers under participative and authoritarian style of management covers decision making and basic characteristics of style. Managers do as they are told to do .They help in transiting orders (work responsibility is delegated). Managers coordinate own groups work with that of the group in which he’s a surboninate.Decision making are made at the top and hence ensure participation in decision making at all levels.

Managers also help in directing and managing change i.e. overcome problems of size and hence management effectiveness can be raised by 20-30 %. Managers normally plan ahead, find best strategies, decide and implement projects, they agree on targets and objectives, monitor and control progress, evaluate performance and carryout appraisals. Managers in proper organization. Discuss the role and responsibilities of managers in different circumstances. (Kotter, 1996)

Management / Motivation Theory

Management theories describe several approaches to management and distinguish its leadership and management. Scientific management (Fredrick W Taylor, 1900’s).Each task scientifically and rationally optimized to improve productivity e.g. shoveling coal, optimum shovel size, best service and ideal coal size and type. Ford motor company embraced Tailors work in production lines, high wages, lines moved increasingly quickly, workers could stand the pace for only a couple of years, many other ready to take there place.

Bureaucracy (Max Weber’s 1920’s). The need to achieve consistency gave rise to need for rules and regulations. All tasks routine, each person expert, all transactions written. Said regular activities distributed as fixed official duties, all activities follow the organizational hierarchy, operations receive equal treatment under consistent system of abstract rules, official separate as formalistic personalities without becoming emotionally involved. (Kotter, 1996)

Human relations (Hawthorne experiments).  Elton Mayo 1930’s and 40’s  experiments with consulting workers about work place lighting levels improved productivity for both experimental and control groups. Similar experiments found productivity always improved no matter what one changed. In conclusion, people are not the rational and economic beings assumed by classical theory. Social interaction is important and people work well if they feel valued.

Motivation. The hierarchy of needs (A H Maslow, 1950’s and 60’s came up with five stages, biological (hunger, warmth and rest), safety (protection from danger), socialization (love, affection and avilliation), self esteem (autonomy, dignity and respect), and self actualization (realize our potential through competence, creativity and achievement. (Tichy and Cohen, 1997)

Complex man theory looked at people from economic, social and selfactualisation.All these approaches may be considered too realistic i.e. no single management style can succeed in improving the performance of all workers. The motives of an individual may be extremely complex and reliable and to change over time. A high level of satisfaction does not necessary lead to increased production. Management by objectives is fundamental. Strategic management, setting objectives for staff and accessing achievements, decentralization, managing in turbulent times, preparing to deal with sudden changes and take advantage of new situations. (Tichy and Cohen, 1997)

Problem Resolution

All organizations have objectives-goals to meet-but rarely a technique in place to meet those objectives. Sum Total by business goals through there work with many large and small companies see recurring business problems that crop up frequently hence provide best solutions. They have created and refined a performance, learning and knowledge management platform that strengthens talents.

The following can be solutions to management, talent management, extended enterprise, channel effectiveness, regulatory compliance, operational proficiency, customer education and call customer  service and solutions For good management qualified staff must be used and especially with experience, recruitment must be used at the right time without any sort of corruption, unions must be formed and trustful leaders chosen, in case of any reorganization, it should be fair and all members involved, proper budgeting should be done, incase of promotions it should be done fairly. (Kotter, 1996)


Kotter, J. P. (1996): Leading Change. Harvard Business School Press, September 1996

Tichy, N. M. and Cohen, E.B. (1997): The Leadership Engine: How Winning Companies Build Leaders at Every Level. Harper Business, November 1997.
























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