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Management and Co-ordination

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Coordination Definition of Coordination Co-ordination is the unification, integration, synchronization of the efforts of group members so as to provide unity of action in the pursuit of common goals. It is a hidden force which binds all the other functions of management. According to Mooney and Reelay, “Co-ordination is orderly arrangement of group efforts to provide unity of action in the pursuit of common goals”. According to Charles Worth, “Co-ordination is the integration of several parts into an orderly hole to achieve the purpose of understanding”.

Management seeks to achieve co-ordination through its basic functions of planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling. That is why, co-ordination is not a separate function of management because achieving of harmony between individuals efforts towards achievement of group goals is a key to success of management. Co-ordination is the essence of management and is implicit and inherent in all functions of management. Ingredient of all the Managerial Functions A manager can be compared to an orchestra conductor since both of them have to create rhythm and unity in the activities of group members.

Co-ordination is an integral element or ingredient of all the managerial functions as discussed below: - 1. Co-ordination through Planning – Planning facilitates co-ordination by integrating the various plans through mutual discussion, exchange of ideas. e. g. - co-ordination between finance budget and purchases budget. 2. Co-ordination through Organizing – Mooney considers co-ordination as the very essence of organizing. In fact when a manager groups and assigns various activities to subordinates, and when he creates department’s co-ordination uppermost in his mind. . Co-ordination through Staffing – A manager should bear in mind that the right no. of personnel in various positions with right type of education and skills are taken which will ensure right men on the right job. 4. Co-ordination through Directing – The purpose of giving orders, instructions & guidance to the subordinates is served only when there is a harmony between superiors & subordinates. 5. Co-ordination through Controlling – Manager ensures that there should be co-ordination between actual performance & standard performance to achieve organizational goals.

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Management and Co-ordination

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Differences between Co-ordination and Co-operation |Basis |Co-ordination |Co-operation | |Meaning |It is an orderly arrangement of group efforts in |It means mutual help willingly. | | |pursuit of common goals. | | |Scope |It is broader than co-operation which includes as well|It is termed as a part of co-ordination. | |because it harmonizes the group efforts. | | |Process |The function of co-ordination is performed by top |The functions of co-operation are prepared by persons at | | |management. |any level. | |Requirements |Co-ordination is required by employees and departments|Co-operation is emotional in nature because it depends on | | |at work irrespective of their work. |the willingness of people working together. |Relationship |It establishes formal and informal relationships. |It establishes informal relationship. | |Freedom |It is planned and entrusted by the central authority &|It depends upon the sweet will of the individuals and | | |it is essential. |therefore it is not necessary. | |Support |It seeks wholehearted support from various people |Co-operation without co-ordination is fruitless & | | |working at various levels. therefore it may lead to unbalanced developments. | Therefore, existence of co-operation may prove to be effective condition or requisite for co-ordination. But it does not mean that co-ordination originates automatically from the voluntary efforts of the group of members. It has to be achieved through conscious & deliberate efforts of managers, therefore to conclude we can say that co-operation without co-ordination has no fruit and co-ordination without co-operation has no root.

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