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Maeketing Plan for Batik Products

Understand the role and function of marketing in a variety of market and organizational contexts.? Critically evaluate and utilize marketing research data and methods to a given market situation.? Understand and apply the principles of organizational and environmental audits to inform marketing strategies, decisions and objectives.

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? Develop and justify a marketing plan and mix for a given target market. You have been just appointed as International Marketing Manager by a local Sri Lankan firm that is aspiring to take the Company to the international market to take advantage of growth opportunities.

Your Managing Director is also concerned about the limited growth potential of your market (Sri Lanka). Your main task, as defined by your Managing Director, is to propose an International marketing plan to enter the most potential market i. e. that offers the greatest growth potential in the next two years. Your key task Propose an International Marketing Plan to take your Company to an overseas market of your choice.

Critically justify your recommendations by providing clear justification for selection of markets to enter on a priority basis. 1. You will need to conduct a critical market analysis using relevant facts and figures. You will need to quantify the market potential or potential of the overseas marketing opportunity using facts and figures. (20 marks) 2. Use Segmenting, targeting and positioning elaborate how you intend to provide competitive advantage for your brand in the overseas market of entry. (40 marks) 3.

Critically elaborate how changes in the marketing environment in your chosen market of entry (relative to your home country) will affect your Company and how you recommend changing or adopting your marketing mix to take advantage of the opportunities in the selected market? (20 marks) 4. Critically provide a profitability forecast for your marketing plan. Clearly indicate implementation dates, and budget requirement to deliver on the marketing objectives you will set as part of your marketing plan for the next two years. (20 marks)

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