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Lld Cover Letter

To Whom It May Concern: During this semester our class had to write three major essays, which are: Rhetorical Analysis (RA), Discipline Investigation (DI), and Critical Reading Reflection (CRR). The Rhetorical Analysis paper is based on how “to develop your understanding of rhetoric by investigating how a writer constructed a professional document or text in your major field. ” It is also “to practice analytical thinking and clear writing.

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Basically, I had to research a professional document that is in the field that I want to succeed in my future career.

I had to analysis what the rhetorical strategies and appeals are and explain it. The Discipline Investigation paper is based on “to investigate a discourse community you hope to join and to learn about the kinds of text that community uses. ” Before I started this paper, I researched about the job position I would be interested in the future and set up interviews with general managers from hotels. I asked questions to get more outside knowledge and get to know how the job works personally.

The Critical Reading Reflection is based on the book we read which is, The Mind at Work and personal experiences with work. My first best essay is the Discipline Investigation, then the second best is Rhetorical Analysis, then the third best is Critical Reading Reflection. My best essay out of the three is the Discipline Investigation. I started out researching for my career choice and then I interviewed a professional to get the inside scoop of the job and daily routines. As I was developing my paper, I thought the hardest part was not being so technical my ideas but to explain and describe the details.

For example, writing about the daily routine part I had started writing periodically what he did each day instead of writing explanation of the skills and knowledge he used in his job. The resources I used to write this paper are book, Internet, and personal interview. I find it helpful to research in all the areas, so you can see the different kinds of information you get from each types of source. There were different ways how I improved on my Discipline Investigation essay from the Rhetorical Analysis essay.

First, I would read my paper out loud to see if I have any grammatical errors. Second, I would have friends and classmates peer-edit my paper to see if it is grammatically correct, clear and simple organizations, and make sure all my ideas and requirements are there. Third, I definitely paid more attention writing my paper more concisely since I had the idea of how my instructor was going to grade my essay. Fourth, before even starting on the paper I check to make sure I will address the prompt correctly in my essay.

Fifth, I realized that free writing and jotting ideas down and creating an outline for brainstorming helps a lot in order to get the flow of writing consistently. In conclusion, I believe there are some improvements as a writer after taking LLD100A course. I learned to be more precise and focus more while I write my papers. My best paper was Discipline Investigation. Writing my best paper, I feel that I have benefited a lot from the methods of my writing improvements. As I take everything step-by-step I believe that I will process as a writer. Sincerely, xxxx