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Letter to my Husband

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My Love,

There is a mixture of joy and sadness sipping through my heart as I am writing this letter to you today. I have nothing but joy as I looked back into our 2 years of marriage and 9 years of relationship. The feeling of sadness at this moment is in knowing that I need to leave you in response to a calling. I could not help but treasure your endless support from the time I met you when I was 15 and you were 17. It took me many months to give you a peck on the lips, remember? Your love for me remained strong even when I have given up on our relationship.

Mario, these are countless of things that I love about you…

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I love your sweet smile and the way your face sparks up when I walk into the room. You made me feel so special and I never doubted your love for me. You know exactly what a woman needs most in life, that is, to know that she is loved.

I love the way you come close to cuddle me for 5 minutes when I am about to sleep even though you just woke up. Although you think that I’m asleep, you made sure that my teddy bear is tucked under my arm and the blanket is over me.

I love the way you add spice to our marriage. Your stubbornness and your disagreements on any subject matter that I have brought up are due to your desire to have something to debate on. Although I get annoyed on many occasions, you end up telling me that I am cute in spite of my anger and we would laugh and be in good terms again. I always have fond memories of those days.

I love the comfort of your hugs each time I cry whenever I am so upset and you do not have any words to console me. The silence of your lips and your warm embrace is more soothing than any spoken words can convey.

I love your forgiving heart and your willingness to trust me again in spite of the many temptations that I allowed myself to get into. In many challenging moments, you made sure that you are around not only to cushion my fall but to catch me whenever I plunge to the ground.

I love the many times you never contest to anything that I wanted in life. You allowed me to have a dog even when you do not want any domestic animals at home. You tolerated my desire to become a flight attendant, and to move from our comfortable apartment to the house in Centerville. You are also willing to leave everything that matters to you so I can pursue my dreams.

I love the question that you have asked, “Are you seriously upset that we don’t fall into a certain category of love?” when I was so depressed that I could not find a single Valentine’s Day card that could express my love for you.

I love the way you motivated me in my struggle to lose weight. You never said that I was fat or big but you realized that the feeling of being overweight was more of a state of mind. While everyone was telling me that I wasn’t big or fat when I was upset, you simply said, “If you think you’re overweight, then, do something about it”. The power of your encouragement motivated me to lose 40 pounds and I now feel so good about myself.

Thank you for loving me unconditionally and for supporting me in everything that I wanted to accomplish in life. You have been a great husband and I couldn’t ask for anything more. I may seem so selfish in my decision to leave you behind as I join the army but I want you to know that I am doing this for both of us. I truly feel that this is the right decision for us and I am thanking you for the love and support that you have extended as I journey to another phase of life.

Mario, I want to assure you that the memories of your love and all the things that you have done for me are deeply etched in my heart and I will take them with me wherever I go.

I will always love you…my husband… my friend… my soulmate…


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