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Let There Be Light

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Electric Compass' were used. At is a good conductor of electricity electron. Not until after Mechanics. Magnetic compass. (Tape notes in notebook) Some things attract, others repel. All objects fall and move with respect to gravity. Benjamin Franklin. A fundamental element Of mass. Like repel, different attract 10. Far apart- hard to tell they are attracting, close together-easy to notice. 11. They both have like currents and likes repel, opposites attract but magnets eave poles not charges.

They are still positive and negative. In one direction there I am electric field and in another magnetic, they work together. Friction at a distance. Attraction would change instantaneously Nothing can travel faster than light. The field of force. It is the field that tells two objects how to interact. The earth's mass is so big that it barely moves. Action at a distance is every part of the earth pulling at an object. Whereas a field of force is better because it creates a field for a disturbance to travel wrought. They are centered around something and the farther away from it the weaker the field. Everything is pulled to the center. The farther from the center the weaker the force. Electric charges in the center. In my notebook. Because this is our earth, it surrounds us completely. Electric generator, electromagnet, electric motor. A generator uses motion to make electricity. A motor uses electricity to make motion.. Moving it, moving a coil, turning an electromagnet on and off. Energy, mass, weather, volts, compounds.

Credit card, electricity. He thought that it was this way and used common sense to then propose this idea. Electricity make magnetism and magnetism makes electricity. The second synthesis is putting magnetism and electricity together as described in Maxwell equations. Because electromagnetism is one of them. We are causing a disturbance in the air; predicted waves, speed of waves. Because visible light is a form of electromagnetic radiation that travels through a field. Light travels in fields.

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Haven’t found the relevant content? Hire a subject expert to help you with Let There Be Light

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