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From Now on, Let Women Kill Their Own Spiders

After reading the two articles “I Want a Wife” and “From Now On, Let Women Kill Their Own Spiders”,I find a better way to reduce both women’s and men’s complaints is for women to learn how to love themselves. The first article is written by Judy Brady from the point of view of women; even though is a woman, she wants a wife because a wife does all the housework in a family (Brady 542). In another article, written by Dave Barry, entitled “From Now On, Let Women Kill Their Own Spiders”, the author humorously appeals to men, telling them not to spoil their wives but to let their wives do their own business, like killing spiders (Barry 539).

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A woman’s love is selfless and fearless; she pays all her attention to family and work. As a professional woman, she needs to work everyday no matter how difficult it is; as a housewife, she needs to keep the house clean and put everything in order; as a mother, she shoulders the responsibility to educate children and create an environment in which children can grow up healthy and happy. Women, you are so silly, when you find your husband paying less attention to you and beginning to complain, you totally lose yourself.

So, women, don’t give all your love to others — you should learn to love yourself! To be a better woman, you should learn to appreciate yourself, even if you are just an ordinary woman who does not have a beautiful face or perfect figure. Every morning take a quick shower, put on a simple makeup, and be in a good mood. To be a better woman, you should love yourself and that means not only your appearance but also your inner beauty. Reading some articles everyday or even the newspaper won’t take a long time, but will increase your knowledge. To be a better woman, you should not abandon yourself.

Women after getting married, in order to take care of her husband and children, they often give up their hobbies, friends or their own business. Taking time to do what you want is also a way to love yourself. To be a better woman, you should give yourself a beautiful vision and brilliant smile. You should believe that each couple is full of hopes and dreams for their future life together. In the journey of life, no one can accompany you all the time, but yourself. As a result, women must learn to love themselves. Only in this way can your life be filled with confidence and courage and be less lonely and helpless.