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If You Let People Into Your Life a Little Bit, They Can Be Pretty Damn Amazing

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If you let people into your life a little bit, they can be pretty damn amazing In this chapter, Arnold wears one of his dad’s old polyester suits and takes Penelope to the Winter Formal with only five dollars in his pocket. After the dance, a group of boys invite Arnold and Penelope for some foods. At the restaurant, Arnold orders lots of food for Penelope and himself, he thinks it’s his last meal before execution as he has no money at all to pay all the foods. Later Arnold asks to borrow some cash from Roger and pays for the foods. Penelope later asks Arnold if he is poor, and Arnold respond honestly.

He says yes. Penelope kisses him on the cheek and cries. Have you ever met the situation when you tell someone about something, and they were totally excited because they have completely agreement with you in that case? Yes, I have. Once I was doing Summer School, I had no friend in my class, I didn’t know anybody. There was a girl sitting beside me, and we didn’t really talk to each other until the third week. None of us ever started a topic to talk about. So one day, I felt it’s really been a long time since Summer School starts, I need some friends indeed!

So I started with some random topics to talk about, and when I ask her what she likes to do in her spare time, I was amazed. She has the totally same interest as me, she likes playing softball and golf, and also she’s a newbie at those sports, and so am I! So we ended up hang out with each and play sports together sometime in the weekend. I would not have her as my friend if I never started talking with a sentence like “Hello, how are you? ” We become very close since then, and even now we are still in touch, we sometimes hang out, go to movies.

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We have a lot in common to talk about. Sometimes if you let yourself be a little bit active, and talk to some people about yourself, you may find you guys have a lot in common to talk about, and that person may have same interests as you do. You just need to be open-hearted to everyone, to accept everyone in your life, to be friendly with them, you may end up have lots of best friends. Imagine your world full of best friends who have a lot in common with you, have lots to talk about. Isn’t it pretty amazing?

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