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Leadership Essay

Business Essentials LEADERSHIP PAPER 1. Reflect from your own personal experiences concerning leadership. 2.

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Use Microsoft Word and type a one-page essay about your experiences regarding leadership. 3. Use the following formatting for your essay: a. Font size – 12 b. Font size – Calibri c. Normal 1” margins. d. Double-spaced 4. For the first part of this essay, discuss someone that you have worked with/under (a teacher, a manager on a job, a coach, a pastor, etc. ) that you consider to be a bad leader. DO NOT NAME THIS PERSON.

What exactly made this person a bad leader? Discuss why their leadership style did not inspire you – what exactly did they do to deteriorate your drive to work hard. Be specific and provide examples. Discuss how they could have changed their leadership style to get more out of you personally. Despite their poor leadership, name one way in which you benefited from working with this person. 5. For the second part of this paper, discuss someone that you have worked with/under that you consider to be a great leader.

You may name this person if you choose. What types of characteristics made this person a good leader? What exactly did they do to inspire you to do a good job. Discuss how their leadership style motivated you. Be specific and provide examples. How did you benefit from working with this person? 6. For the last part of this paper, identify the top three personality traits you feel a manager should have and explain why these traits are so important. 7. Save with a password to your W:drive folder as LEADERSHIP ESSAY.