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Leadership Distinctive Project

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Most of us start out on life’s journey full of optimism and high hopes.  Life is magical; everyday is an exciting new adventure.  We get up everyday and go about our daily businesses, yet many times we do this without understanding why we are here, and what we were created for. This is because instead of leading our life, our life leads us.  We live life as it comes without a real plan, without clear thought and without purposeful direction.  And when we function this way life controls and ultimately overcomes us.

Having a deep devotion to Christianity and commitment to Godly values helps us discover the things that give real meaning to life.  It also helps to develop the vital attitudes that will enable you to live it with joy and fulfillment and we can also lead others along that path.  Life may not be easy or without challenges but God has promised that in Christ we can have “life … the full”(John10:10 Niv).  Think, you can impact or influence those that you work with whether in offices, business associates or in sports etc.  When you have a purpose driven life i.e.(Mathew 28:18-20) this is what life is all about; leading others to Christ.

Someone once said “life is what happens to you as you are making other plans”.   We are here for a reason, God has not yet finished with us. Life has to be engaged, not avoided yet it is also a choice to live a life of sacrifice and self-denial for this is a mandatory condition for those who claim to follow Christ (Luke 9:23) saying ‘No’ to self and ‘Yes’ to Jesus.  It is so easy to live life on a shallow level, lacking in discipline, exerting more energy and putting more emphasis on worldly accomplishment that would not count for eternity.  The scripture teaches us that all these are nothing compared to knowing Christ and living for the sake of Christ (Phillipians 3:8).  Only the things connected to Christ will live forever, all others will vanish like smoke.

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God did not create us and left us to figure out life for ourselves but he has given us instructions through his word the Bible.  Unfortunately although we know better, many of us try to figure out life for ourselves rather than go by the instructions written by the maker; “All scripture is God-breathed and is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness, so that the man of God may be thoroughly equipped for every good work.(2Timothy3:16-17 )  The Bible is the original owner’s manual, telling us all we need to know so that life will run well, and broadens our understanding of God.

In order to lead others, we need to commit ourselves to the scripture that it may guide and help us develop the grounding values of life and be able to help others in our society solve problems.  In many areas of our life, God tells us exactly what we should do, in other areas there are no specific laws or commands for every detail but there are principles to guide our actions and attitudes.  Study the scriptures, be analytical and learn from examples, good or bad of biblical leadership qualities.  Above all, Imitate Jesus who lived out before us the ultimate example of how to please God and how to live a truly fulfilling life.(1John2:6)

There is no way you can broaden your knowledge or deepen your skill without letting other people in your life or collaborating with others in the community or those whom have the same values as you do.  We can be successful in other things, but unless we have people in our lives who are close to us, know us and tell us what we need to hear and not what we want to hear then our lives will be very empty.

We need people to share with, learn from and give ourselves to or we will be lonely and unfulfilled (remember the immortal words of the poet John Donne, “No man is an island”).  You have to genuinely decide to like people and know that you need them in your life i.e. (Proverbs 17:17 a friend loves at all times).  You need the encouragement and wisdom of other people (Hebrews 3:13) if not so life will loose its meaning, sparkle and joy.

In a Readers Digest (Sept.2002 pp.112-7) article, “Friends the secret to a longer life” by Katherine griffin writes of a number of studies attesting to the health benefits of friendship.  She states that people with strong social network are shown to boost their chances of surviving life-threatening illnesses, have stronger more resilient immune systems, improve their mental health and live longer than people without social support.  We need people in our lives and God has programmed us this way.  We are made to need the love, support and companionship of other people.  Therefore, living a purpose driven life helps you find fresh hope, direction and inspiration to continue your journey on a glorious and triumphant note.


The Holy Bible NIV

Griffin K.,Readers Digest(2002)

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