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Leadership and women

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Usually, when we think about leadership, strong male personalities come to our mind. Since women have access to higher education, they aspire to better positions in society. Find their place in a system lead by men for centuries is not easy. Women have to face the judgment of men who are under their orders sometimes in sectors regarded as male ones (military, finances, politics). Women’ leadership is growing and their style in leading is more and more appreciated. We are a team of five students (three women, two men) lead by a woman and we want to develop this topic in our paper.

As you can see, at a simple level, it is common to find a woman leadership situation nowadays. Thus, men being gallants, they left women the privilege, along this subject, to emphasize on a special aspect dear to us. Aurelie Darcis The reason of this choice is link to a personal story that I really admire. My friend’s mother is one of the first women who received a position of high responsibilities in the banking system in 1970s. The first time I met her, I saw in front of me a dynamic and kind women, strong and empathic with her relatives.

Her professional life story was really far from what she now appears to be, and that motivates me. During her studies, she was regarded as an “original” by the other male schoolmates, always reminded her that she was not the welcoming one. All these criticisms built her leadership style; she developed personality traits opposed to those generally observed in women, such as the ability to quick decision making and strategic thinking. She is also very results-oriented and independent because she has something to prove not only to her, but also to the others.

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I really admire theses women who break down prejudices, and claim that women’s leadership can exist and have to. One by one, they open doors in different area for next generation. Allison Boulle To me, this choice of subject is mostly because we are (except for one) women in this group. We are studying in an American business school, in a way to have jobs with responsibilities, power and a high position in a company. Not to received orders every day, and earned a little money. We want to be more than useful; we want to be the base in the hierarchy of our future company.

It is also true that for me, when I think of “women & leadership”; I see myself in an important enterprise but also create my own project, by developing my ideas. In our lives, we all have people who inspire us, and our goal is to succeed as those persons did. Women are so much capable compare to men. Some markets are better for us (fashion, clothes, makeup…) because we know what females customers really want. But today, we are not only good at working for women in a feminine company. We are totally able to give orders to men, to manage financial or sports enterprises.

We are more and more present everywhere, and that is why we have all this power and this sense of leadership. Aline Valene A study showed that the women using their powers and authority upon a large audience adopted some kind of male behavior to be more credible, especially in front of the presence of men. Today in all areas, especially in politics, women now hold important positions. When people read about leadership and women, they immediately think of Angela Merkel, Hilary Clinton or Michelle Bachelet. These women (even) have many men working under their direction.

In the era we live in, it is not strange to see this kind of success. It makes me realize that it is not impossible to be a powerful woman. Although inequalities still persist especially in terms of salaries. On the other hand, however we have seen more and more the importance of women’s role in the economic and political world. As for me, I come from Chile and Cyprus. Two countries whose mentalities are centered more on the man power which limits the woman rights and ability to be equally treated. Future Women Leaders By Asa Clara Ahlander, 17 May 2011

In this article written in Shortcut, we have the interview of a woman called Anna Stenberg who created a company Women Executive Search (WES). Her goal is to procure important jobs such as manager’s roles, roles in board level, and high position jobs to women. Women have other capabilities than men, and are totally able to manage a team, gives order and being respected. In this interview of Anna Stenberg by the journalist, we understand that some job positions are unequal to sexes. For example, concerning the “board level”, people do not see a woman at this place, because it is harder to accept that a girl controls everything.

This is why a main effort is made by the creator of WES, to put the greatest emphasis to middle management level and management level. This enterprise helps other companies to recruit more women in an easier way. The reactions concerning the creation of this company are positive. Anna Stenberg left her old job because she wanted to work on getting more women in managerial positions in business. The watchword of Women Executive Search is to identify and recruiting female managers and leaders. All of the candidates chosen have a strong experience and profile to correspond to the company’s characteristics.

Because in our world today, it is difficult to find a female managers and leaders with the right profile and skills, Stenberg decided to change this. The only difference with a male is the way to recruit them. We have to look beyond the traditional recruitment methods and networks. When we look at the company today, we see an impressive increase as well as the results produced, but also concerning the dynamic network, the solid candidate platform and the competency-bases recruitment method that WES is able to offer to its clients. Thanks to this article, we are can understand the power of the women in work.

Companies come to specialized enterprises in a way to have to best female for themselves. People understand what a woman could bring to a company. Even if the place of the woman is not always the one of the leader, nobody will disagree with the fact that female have a non-negotiable impact on the industry. We agree also with the fact that Woman Executive Search only deal with the best candidates, and try to put all of the women to the most important jobs to show that it is how life works today; female have the same rights and possibilities than men, and are becoming very powerful and desire concerning the professional side.

Leadership and women essay

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