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Laptop with in Built Projector

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Beyond its Eee PC family line and slew of regular notebooks on display at Computex, ASUS is showing off an interesting prototype. In the corner of its booth is a G1 laptop with a built-in projector. Sure we have all heard about the possiblity of mini-projectors being built into cell phones, but no other company has incorporated them into laptops as of yet. Check out our video and first impressions. I went hands-on with the laptop and think it could be awesome if it works as promised.

Built-in to the top bezel of the notebook, the rotatable micro-projector is able to project what is on the screen of the notebook onto a flat surface. On the prototype unit only the top right corner of the display was actually projecting. It was pretty neat to navigate to Web sites and see them appear on the facing wall. I even pulled up a YouTube clip and was able to watch it on the white wall. The contrast and coloring wasn’t vivid and I couldn’t find a way to adjust it on the system. But see for yourself and check out the video of the laptop projector in action.

ASUS Laptop With Built-In Projector Raises PowerPoint Threat to “Critical” Tucked away in a quiet corner at Computex, ASUS is showing a nondescript laptop with a built-in pico projector. Tiny projectors have made various appearances at the tech show so far, most recently from Foxconn, but no other company has incorporated them into existing products, or for that matter shown many compelling applications for them other than in bulky and unrealistic cellphones. ASUS has provided the first example of what could be a fantastic use for this burgeoning new tech. For now though, the execution doesn’t seem great.

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The staff at PC Perspective, who were the first to lay eyes on the device, couldn’t tell much about the exact specs of the projection unit but judging by the photo below (and the capabilities of other miniature projectors) the images won’t exactly be dazzling. The camera is also built into the top of the bezel, which creates two pretty big chunks of wasted space. Speculative reservations aside, built-in projection capability could have serious potential in the business world, so ASUS may be on to something.

Laptop with built-in projector Jun. 07, 2008 in Computers.The projector for handset has been developed for about one year and is expected to be released within this year. However, if you want make a presentation, laptop is apparently more useful than a cellphone, what’s more, laptop’s battery life is longer. So, I bet you would like to own a laptop with a built-in projector. ASUS, a Taiwan based PC maker provide a good choice for us. It comes with an mini-projector on the top of the LCD display and you can rotate it to adjust the position to get the best image.

Fujitsu’s Pico Projector-Packing Laptops Replace Optical Drive with Something Even More Useless I can't remember the last time I put a disc in my laptop. Maybe an old mix CD. The world's moving on from physical media! Great! But how about replacing that slot with something useful, and not a pico projector? Fujitsu's new LifeBook S761/C and P771/C notebooks are bizarre beasts, with fold-out pico projectors where your optical drive used to be. Not only are the machines crazily expensive ($2,675 and $3,110, for middling specs), but the addition of the pico projector is confounding and bizarre.

How about adding an extra large battery in that space? Or hey, just removing the optical drive and making a lighter, slimmer notebook? The entire point of a pico projector was to be tiny and mobile—so if they're so conveniently small, why would you ever want or need one integrated? The thing is clearly pegged for conference room presentations and nothing else, as the pico projector is aimed sideways, with no other angle available. If this appeals to you, then please just get a reasonably priced laptop and a (separate) reasonably priced pico projector. Hey guys, wanna watch this PowerPoint on my new $3,000 laptop? Wong, vice president and manager of personal computing systems group at HP Taiwan. When asked if the mini-projector technology could be applied to other devices such as handsets and notebooks, Wong stated that itis is possible and should not be a technical issue. Wong explained that placing a projector where the webcam is normally locatedis not difficult (but facing outward or in a rotatable position).  HP added afterward that the company has no plans for such a product this year. Although the idea of a mini-projector notebook is not new, successfully bringing products to market has been delayed by design and engineering obstacles mainly related to cooling solutions.

In terms of which ODM would be able to develop such a product, market watchers speculated that HP would likely turn to Quanta Computer as one of its potential partners, as the notebook ODM hasalso invested in a projector manufacturer (Royaltek). Concerning HP's plans for this year, HP plans to launch several stand-alone mini-projector products in the market as an introduction to the notebook-integrated designs, Wong noted. As for tablet PCs, Wong said that HP will lean toward keyboard-less designs, meaning input will be through a touchscreen panel. Wong believes that HP is unlikely to push non-Wintel products aggressively in the short term since these products are still have issues in software compatibility with Windows-based applications. Additionally, the segment is susceptible to fluctuating consumer demand and therefore needs to be carefully evaluated.

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