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Kool-Aid Plus with Centrum

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Kool-Aid has been a drink of choice for kids for the past two decades. It is known for a tasty, cool, and refreshing taste for many generations of children and their parents. Kool-Aid has been able to identify their target market and market towards the specific needs of these families. Kool-Aid has always been very affordable however, not the most healthiest of choices. The environment of marketing towards families today has swayed towards being more health conscious. Health issues are becoming a main concern for parents because of the growing number of obese and inactive children who live in the United States.

Kool-aid has now found a way to make its product new and improved to the more health conscious consumer. It’s called Kool-Aid Plus. The company is strongly committed to providing moms and kids a product that combines the great flavor of Kool-Aid while providing a “better for kids” beverage option to help support a healthier lifestyle. The goals are to make a real difference for kids that are growing for a healthy lifestyle. The consumer target market: Families, especially mothers, with average incomes and a kid or kids that are over 18 months old to 12 years old.

How are we going to target our market: We will attempt to reach our target market by advertising through channels read and watched by mothers. Magazines, such as Better Homes and Gardens or Oprah, are the perfect channels to reach these mothers with families. We will also advertise our product on major television networks watched by women. The Lifetime Network, The Home and Garden Network, The Cooking Channel, and The Oxygen Channel are all good examples of networks watched by women.

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Major retailers like Wal-Mart or Target would carry our products because they are major superstores. These superstores are great one stop destinations for mothers because these stores carry many products. Mothers will not have to give up their precious time traveling from store to store. The company will also give specific details on how we want our product placed on shelves or displays. Grocery stores will also be primary targets of which we will distribute the product because of the amount of mothers who shop there.

These consumers also have the desirable amount of income needed to buy our product. Product development: The idea to make an alternative solution besides regular Kool-Aid was developed because parents are becoming more educated about kid’s health and fighting child obesity that has been an issue across America. Since Kool-aid has instructions to add a significant amount of sugar content rather higher than other kid’s drinks, we decided to make the product with less added sugar and cobrand it with Centrum for kids.

Parents will have to worry less about their child’s daily vitamin intake. The product will still not be the healthiest of products however, it provides competition with healthier drinks like V8 and milk. The product will also be able to compete with soda. It may not provide the taste of soda however, it is a significantly healthier solution. [pic] As you can see from the Nutrition Facts there is low fat and cholesterol however, there is a significant amount of sugar. Instead of 7 grams of sugar the company would like to lower the amount to around 5 grams.

The less sugar intake along with Centrum Vitamins will allows the company not to sway too far from the original taste of the product. Price Point: The price will vary depending on the product of quantity. Kool-aid plus will be priced slightly higher than the regular kool-aid products. Regular Kool-Aid packets are around 50 cents, the company plans on selling Kool-aid Plus for 55 cents. This will keep our existing customers because of the slight differential however, allows the company to sustain higher revenues.

The price will also help place the product as being better than the previous Kool aid products. Promotion: The Kool-aid mascot is seen by mothers and children and is easily identifiable. We have decided to add a headband to the Kool-aid mascot to show that he is more health conscious now. He will emphasize the importance of daily vitamins in child’s lives. Placement: We will try to hit heavily on commercials between 8:00 a. m – 12:00p. m on Saturdays because of cartoons. Our hope is that children will be excited about the Kool-aid mascot and will encourage their mothers to buy it.

We will also have the product placed at the end of the aisles in grocery stores to bring attention with people who walk by. The marketing mix will have to be perfectly used in order to promote and sell Kool-aid Plus. By identifying our target market which are mothers and families with children and average incomes, and advertising towards that market, we hope that our product will sell. Advertising will need to be directed towards these mothers by using media channels directed towards mothers. Magazines, such as Better Homes and Gardens and Oprah, are examples of where printed advertisements will be effective.

There are media channels such as commercials on networks largely watched by mothers such as lifetime and The Soap Opera Network where women could see the commercials. The product will be located in one stop superstores as well as grocery stores so the product will be easily accessible for women. We want to position our product on ends of aisles as well as near water so the product will be seen as complementary with other groceries. Our hope is to offer a product that is healthier than our previous products and still has that great Kool-Aid taste.

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