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KOA Team

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The team KOA works with the motive of solving customer needs with innovative use of technology. Innovation is done by the taking the feedbacks of the existing technologies and comparing with the most dynamic products present in the market. It is expected from us to launch new products and learn from customer interactions to make them better.

The team works on the flaws by brining in different perspectives to find new solutions to problems. Continuous commerce innovation grounds are laid down at the speed of business. The present website of dell is found to have some flaws for which we are working on making more responsive. MOTIVATIONAs we build our Future State Commerce Platform, we believe our success is to build an open, extensible and participative platform that can be extended to meet the diverse needs of customers and our business in a self-service fashion.

Research of the industry and defining what a modern Developer Experience Consist of and work dynamics are taken in consideration. Building a strategy that can outline how Dell Digital and IT can build this great Developer Experience. Delivering a prototype that showcases with documentation and code examples what each use case at the end of the project. Embracing the Pivotal Labs development model for continuous improvement and delivery. Empowering all organizations to leverage the platform to create their own services, apps, and experiences.

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Cloud Foundry is an open source, multi cloud application platform as a service (PaaS) governed by the Cloud Foundry Foundation. The software was originally developed by VMware and then transferred to Pivotal Software, a joint venture by EMC, VMware and General Electric.  the creation of the Cloud Foundry Foundation, the Cloud Foundry software (source code and all associated trademarks) was transferred to be held by the open source software foundation.

It is primarily written in Ruby, Go and Java. Cloud Foundry is promoted for continuous delivery as it supports the full application development lifecycle, from initial development through all testing stages to deployment. Cloud Foundry's container-based architecture runs apps in any programming language over a variety of cloud service providers. This multi-cloud environment allows developers to leverage the cloud platform that suits specific app workloads and move those workloads as necessary within minutes with no changes to the app.

Users have access to one or more spaces, which typically correspond to a lifecycle stage. For example, an application ready for QA testing might be pushed (deployed) to its project's QA space. Different users can be restricted to different spaces with different access permissions in each. When an application is deployed to Cloud Foundry, an image is created for it and stored internally. The image is then deployed to a Warden container to run in.

For multiple instances, multiple images are started on multiple containers. This is where BOSH comes in - Cloud Foundry's internal Controller uses BOSH to get the underlying infrastructure to spin up virtual machines to run the Warden containers on. When an application is deleted, all of its containers are destroyed and their resources are freed for other applications to use.

If the application instance crashes, its container is killed and a new Warden container is started automatically. A container only ever runs one application ensuring isolation, security and resilience.A load-balancing router sits at the front of Cloud Foundry to route incoming requests to the correct application - essentially to one of the containers where the application is running.


We pair our product managers, designers and engineers with counterparts from your team to work side by side, in the same office, 40 hours a week. The deliberate practice of staffing every workstation with two software engineers focused on writing software together. Similar to rally racing, the driver and navigator have the same goal – write high-quality and maintainable code that works. The driver and navigator can often switch roles throughout a programming session (unlike in rally racing).

Driver: In addition to what the Navigator does – Actively typing at the keyboard, can yield to navigator  Navigator: Error checking, looking up APIs, thinking about ways to better structure the code, can jump in and drive It is seen that there are lot of benefits in pairing. The team which working through this practice gets boosting efficiency through collaboration during working.

Knowledge can be shared dynamically during works hours, thus making the team more enthusiastic and skill can be transferred simultaneously rather than wasting time in learning the same. It not only enhance our skills but also prevents knowledge silo.There is even cent percent transparency in work.


Global: Provide global services that can be configured for regional needs. Customer experience is consistent regardless of location.Modern: Design extensible, scalable, loosely coupled systems and favor open versus closed systems to power experiences from mobile, to desktop, to voice and beyond.Agile: Operate in an ever changing world and to make rapid progress.

Empower small balanced teams to operate independently and adapt quickly.Balanced: Technology serves the business and we balance speed of business value delivery with long term technology purity.Transparent: Inspire trust by providing open access to information and services. Progress will be measured by demonstration of capabilities.Pragmatic: When choosing between out of the box and custom solutions, opt for the solution that provides the most flexibility, at the lowest long-term cost. Use Dell technology when possible.Personalized: Start with our internal and external customers and work back to anticipate needs in real time based on data insights. Our systems understand individual customers to present relevant experiences.


Commerce isn't new anymore, and as its novelty fades we're seeing businesses looking to hone their digital strategies to perfection. It is found that customer satisfaction is almost always the main goal, and as a result, that is what's driving most business strategies. This, in turn, is pushing organizations to adopt additional changes and bring in transformation in e-commerce. Some of the new innovation which are going to be implemented in the project is listed below.


The product should seamlessly interact with Dell Technologies entire Product Offering so that we can achieve our desired outcome across our entire experience.


Become familiar with the most modern technologies used to build great developer communitiesUnderstand the importance of using modern tools to increase velocity of ITOutside in view of Developer ExperiencesInternal interviews and research across Developers and functionsDefinition of Developer Experiences by employee personas (Software Developers, Content Ops, UX Design, Analytics, Business)Deliver 2 to 3 Demos that can be immediately actioned by Dell.

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