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Proper management disposal, this is the problem that we encountered nowadays, people with no discipline or no concern to our environment Just throw their garbage anywhere. Term papers for college students, memos for company, employees, sketch pads for visual artist, love letters for lovers - all of these documents would never come to life without the papers we write on. It may come in various sizes, colors, shapes and recently, some may have scents, the question is, do humans know what is the writing tool made of?

Ruining the environment is Just ruining your life because all living things in this world are dependent on the supply given by the environment, we have foods, clothes, and shelter because of the environment but through the problem on the proper management disposal, our environment affects, so the supply given by the environment will be lessen and as a result, there will be scarcity in our primary needs which are the foods, clothes, and shelter and there is a possibility that lots of people will die because of hunger or some of them will get insane.

Through informing those people who have no concern to our environment that our life is connected to it and all things we have was coming from the environment like our primary needs that avoid us from danger, so through informing may be we can persuade the people to be involved in lessening the problem on the proper management disposal.

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The study is sorely concerned to our environment, It discusses about the three simple ways in lessening the problem on the proper management disposal by means of the three words: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle; reducing the problem, use and recycle such waste materials like papers, so through this ways, we can save and protect our environment.

The study also discusses about chemicals found in the papers and turning trash Into cheap source of energy like the product of this study which Is Recycled Paper Charcoal Fuel. Nevertheless of our Imperfection, we can still hurt our environment by our dally activities Like burning our garbage even we didn't mean it but we have to save and protect our environment through lessening the problem on the proper management disposal because our life Is connected to It.

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